Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mom's body shop

It didn't take me as long to fix Lightning as I thought it would!

I forgot to take a before photo, but trust me, it was awful. You could see the stuffing in at least 4 different places and frayed edgest all around his windows. Little Elvis must have noticed the rips too, because he wasn't playing with Lightning very much.

But after an hour at Mom's Auto Body, both Little Elvis and his car were ready and raring to go.
My car!

Since we weren't sure if I could fix Lightning (and I'm still not sure it will last!) we bought a replacement. We found a velvety-type fabric pillow/blanket combo at Wal-Mart.
Little Elvis is suspicious of the new car, especially since his first one looks so much better.
My aunt made him this super-cool fleece Cars blanket for Christmas. So, I think I'll use this new fleece blanket to make him something else. Any ideas?


Blogger mpotter said...

he's lucky to have a mom so handy!

i don't know what i'll do when it comes to "lovey" time...

11:12 PM  

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