Monday, March 23, 2009

For Daddy

Bob has had to do without his baby for more than a week now, and I haven't even posted or sent him new pictures. Here are some pictures of Little Elvis' shenanigans in Mississippi.

"What you talkin' bout, Mommy?" (Day before we left.)

Little Elvis loves to hide cars, trucks and apparently even buses under pillows. Coachpa is helping him hold the pillows in place.

If Little Elvis naps, it is almost always in his bed (or in a carseat.) He does not nap on or with others.

I guess he doesn't nap on Mommy or Daddy.
This is what usually happens.

Little Elvis tried his first slushy type drink this weekend. He liked it. Since we weren't sure which flavor he would like, my dad and I ordered a grape, cherry and orange slushy -- we would take the ones he didn't like. He sipped the grape (purple) one first and didn't seem too impressed. We handed him the orange next and he would not take the straw out of his mouth! When he needed a breather from the icy beverage, he would just stop sucking on the straw, but kept his lips locked on it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess orange hit the spot! Looks like Little Elvis is having lots of fun with Coachpa :)

6:50 AM  
Blogger mpotter said...

that's funny. quite protective of his new drink!

9:45 AM  

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