Sunday, March 01, 2009

New tricks

At this moment, sweet Little Elvis is blowing his nose in his crib without a tissue. He is not napping and is very happy to snort out his snot everywhere. This fun new trick began last Monday and although he doesn't have a fever or anything, the snot is not letting up.

This new trick is so very cool that when he's not doing it in his crib, he will run around the house and hide from me as he snorts. He refuses to blow his nose into tissues anymore, but sometimes will pull a few out and dab at his nose to tease me before running to hide in his pop-up tent.

The hiding trick is also fairly new and really cute. He's been doing it for about a month now. He has different hiding places for different misdeeds.
If he wants to slurp some snot or put a crayon in his mouth, he will run and hide in his tent. If Little Elvis does not want to put on shoes or his jacket, he will run and crouch behind a chair in our living room. If he's in our bedroom, playing with the alarm clock, some blank CDs, my jewelry or the humidifier, he will cower behind one side of the bed, just peeking his little eyes over the top to gauge my mood over his indiscretions.
That little peek does a lot to help him. I am a total wimp when it comes to those big brown eyes or that dimpled little grin.
He also likes hiding under his Cars blanket that my aunt made him for Christmas. He ran down the hall like this the other day and it was so funny! He looked like a bright yellow ghost. I couldn't get to the camera fast enough to catch that moment, so you will have to trust me that it was cute.
The number of pictures we take of him has dropped the past few weeks. I've been tired, but he's also a much more difficult subject to catch on camera.
Why pose for the camera when you can sit in Mommy's lap?


Blogger Laura said...

oh - gotta love the run and hide trick! This morning my hubby almost lost it when Madie pushed him out of her room and shut the door and hid under her bed!!!!

Too funny...especially when it is annoying - you should not laugh - but you do!!!

Thanks for the link on my blog - I am going to try it out for sure!!! APPRECIATED!

8:40 PM  

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