Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter candy

I have some super cute pictures of Little Elvis enjoying Easter candy, but for some reason Blogger does not like them. It happily loaded pictures of Little Elvis modeling Easter outfits from the same time period, but pictures of him frosting a cookie must be too hot for Blogger to handle. I tried multiple times last week, and as of today, I am conceding.

You win this battle Blogger! (angrily shakes fist.)

Oddly, the pictures from the end of that folder will still load. Little Elvis enjoyed a delicious breakfast of a Cadbury Creme Egg on Easter Sunday.

"Why can't I have this every morning?"

He ate LOTS of sugar at our church Easter Egg hunt/cookie decorating party that morning, so we decided to hold off on his chocolate bunny.

We got him one of those hollow Sunny Bunny things at Wal-Mart. It was pretty big, and we figured it would take at least two sittings to get through.
Um, no. He just kind of gazed at the pretty bunny with blue eyes when we first handed it over. As soon as I said the word chocolate, he bit off the ears.
He polished off the entire bunny less than 5 minutes.

We're pretty sure that Easter is his current favorite holiday.
But, much to my dismay, Little Elvis does not like Peeps. He gets this from his Daddy. Maybe Baby Plum will take after Mommy when it comes to Peeps love.


Blogger mpotter said...

sorry. i'm not a peep fan, myself. The Mr. likes them (but hasn't had any in a few years).

however, i love the way peeps look. and they have stuffed peeps at target. i bought some big and little ones for decorating the dining room a few years back. and my surprise shower for littlebean was "peeps" theme. lots of stuffed peeps everywhere, and real peeps-on-a-stick.

wish i had known, i would've sent all the real ones to you....

listen to your mom, baby plum!

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's one chocolate lovin' kiddo! Me and my sister have birthdays in mid-April and one thing we often received was Easter bunnies since they are on discount right around our birthdays. Always looked forward to that!

6:03 AM  

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