Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Sing it (and whistle it) Axl!

The chorus from this song has been in my head most of the morning. Why? Because I have absolutely no patience, and I really, really need it right now.

Maybe it's the pregnancy? More likely it's just that I've never had an abundance of patience, and the cats and Little Elvis have worn away what tiny amount I had this week.

Thsi morning, I reached my breaking point. I take Little Elvis to two playgroups a week. And he acts pretty badly at just about all of them. Usually not the entire time. But this time, he was a terror from the moment we got near the house until we left about 35 minutes later.

The last time we were at this house, he acted awfully from about 10 minutes in, and we finally left after about 40 minutes. As soon as we were outside, Little Elvis stopped his screaming. I realized when we got into the car that he had wanted to leave the entire time. Instead of saying "leave" or "home," he screamed and cried and squealed, etc.

This time, his began screaming and trying to get away before we even got to the house. Once we got into the house, the other mom was so sweet to him. I had just a little bit of hope then that maybe this wouldn't be like it usually is.

It wasn't like usual. It was worse. We've all been there when our kids screamed and squealed. No need to explain his histrionics. Little Elvis gets into someone else's house and goes wild. I never get to visit, instead I spend my time chasing my son and trying to keep him from breaking a glass topped coffee table, or pulling framed pictures off the walls.

Since I think I was manipulated last time, I tried to ignore him somewhat and not threaten to take him home. This is my current form of punishment and it only works at playgrounds.

I let him roam a little and didn't run to find him until he started banging on the walls with a toy.

Brought him kicking and screaming back to the playroom -- a room chock full of toys. Fun looking toys. Toys that the other kids loved. Toys that my child refused to play with.

He then squirted his juice box everywhere. He did this yesterday, too. It pissed me off yesterday as well. Today, after about 3 tries, I took it away.

I took him from the table when he spit chewed up pretzel on the table cloth. The other three kids? Sitting nicely in chairs, eating and watching my son in horror. As were the moms.

Since I'm determined not to give in and take him home, I take him into the empty playroom to hold him until he calms down. He starts to, and the other kids come in to see why the baby is crying. This gives him more fuel I guess and I give up.

So, we leave. The mom hosting says we should stay. They're all used to it, but the thing is, I've never seen their kids act like this. Honestly. Maybe a fit here or there, but never like this. My child behaves like this at just about every playgroup.

I cried the whole way home. Little Elvis did not. He got what he wanted.

As soon as we got home, I strapped him into his booster and put his lunch in front of him. When he threw it on the floor, I took him to his room, changed him out of his juice covered clothes and put him in bed.

He's not napping. It's been a while since I put him in there, but he needs a nap. I need for him to nap. I need some patience. I need for my child to just once act decently in public. I don't know what I need, but I need something. All I know to ask for is patience, and a child that naps. How will I be able to handle two when I can't handle one?


Blogger mpotter said...

oh no!!
you are handling elvis... it's just a very bad day.

here's hoping tomorrow will be better!

gosh, i'm super sorry.

3:40 PM  
Blogger Bobbie said...

Perhaps little Elvis isn't ready for play groups/ How about inviting one other playmate? He is used to being the only guy in your life. He's telling you that he doesn't want to share his beloved mom.

5:33 PM  
Blogger Jeni said...

Hang in there, I am pretty sure we all feel like this at one point or another. I know I do. Two years old is proving to be especially trying. As for handling two, well I share that sentiment. I am hoping that it works the same way it did with just one; learn/cope as I go.

1:45 AM  

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