Saturday, May 30, 2009

Baby Plum update - 22 weeks

Bob says that Baby Plum can indeed be masculine, and seems to really like that nickname, so for the time-being we're going to stick with it. I'm hoping to find a more suitable nickname once he's born. Maybe we'll just have to meet him to get an idea of a better nickname.

Baby Plum is extremely active. And his kicks and flails and punches are finally strong enough that Bob can feel them.

Little Elvis hasn't realized he's feeling kicks yet. He tried to sit on my stomach the other evening and for one brief moment, he actually succeeded. Baby Plum gave Little Elvis a swift kick as I pried him off the belly.

We've had a few more minor issues with this pregnancy than with the first. I'm currently battling my second bladder infection in two months. It's no fun. I read that they're most common from 16-24 weeks, so I'm hoping to be done with these infections in 2 weeks.

My belly is huge now, as are my thighs. I've decided to try doing some leg exercises in the evening to keep my legs from spreading any further. The doctor seems OK with this, as long as I don't overdo it. And hopefully the weather will be more cooperative, so I can get in more walks with Little Elvis in the mornings or afternoons.

Friday, May 29, 2009

No sleep for super models

It's been a rough few weeks here. Little Elvis is changing his routine, but not keeping me in on the loop. This means that he's napped 3 times in the last two weeks.

Sure, I put him in his crib, but after about an hour of playing, jumping, and fussing, I end up going in to "rescue him."

He needs his naps. I need his naps. We just have to find the new happy medium of when to start these naps. At least I hope that's the issue.

Last weekend, we went to PA to get some grandparent time.
Bob and I have become total slackers on the photography front. We have just a couple of pictures from the weekend.

And this is the best one:

I think it's funny. Little Elvis is obviously hogging the camera, and I think his hair looks windblown. It wasn't staged, but it kind of looks that way to me.

Silly little boy.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

He's not Crafty!

We are not a crafty family. Well, Little Elvis is not a crafty boy. For the most part, we don't do crafts.

He has crayons and construction paper, but prefers to scatter the crayons around the house instead of using them to draw. He will doodle some with his Magna-Doodle, but that's only because he wants to have something to erase.

My mom bought him some modeling clay a while back and after he tore the green clay into several little pieces and tried to rub them into the carpet, I took it away. Our carpet is beige and neon green shows really well.

I cut out some construction paper loops one day and taped them into a long strand of loops. He delighted in tearing them apart.

And our attempts to make crafts for Mother's Day and Father's Day ended up with one parent doing all the "crafting" while the other held a screaming child.

This is all to detail just how much my child dislikes crafts.

But last week, I wanted to do something creative. I have no idea why, but I did. So I pulled out the construction paper, markers, pipe cleaners and scissors and began making my son some traffic signs.

While Little Elvis loves cars, he prefers signs and traffic cones to the actual cars and trucks. He likes all signs, especially ones that are low enough for him to reach.

At first, he was not happy with me for not paying enough attention to him. But then I handed him his very own Stop sign.
In the end, he ended up with a Stop sign, Yield sign, Railroad Crossing sign and a traffic cone.
They lasted until Daddy got home -- about 1 1/2 hours total.
I'm planning on checking out the contact paper at Wal-Mart this weekend and trying to make more durable and realistic looking signs. Maybe I'll put cereal box cardboard backing on the signs as well to make them sturdy. I'm so thrilled to have found a semi-craft that Little Elvis enjoyed.

Ready go!

Little Elvis has an interesting new habit. He's "ready go" as soon as he wakes up. Most mornings, we do actually have somewhere to go -- doctor's appointment, errands, playgroups.

But somedays we don't have anywhere to go. While I'm happy to just hang out around the house or in one of our cars, Little Elvis isn't. As soon as he's dressed and the shoes are on, we head outside to one of the cars.

Once inside the car, he climbs into his carseat and tries to buckle himself in, chanting "ready go, ready go, ready go." If I tell him no, well, it's not pretty.

I'm not sure why he wants to go somewhere so badly. He doesn't enjoy grocery shopping or sitting in a waiting room. And up until recently, he's seemed to detest playgroups.

But, last week, while out running errands we had to go inside the bank. Even though I wasn't thrilled about the inconvenience, the teller did give Little Elvis a blue lollipop.

I think his new need to go, go, go must be tied to his memory of that tasty blue treat.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A pox isn't on our house

On Sunday evening Bob and I became convinced that Little Elvis had chicken pox. His whole chest and back were covered in little red bumps.

He wasn't itching them or feverish, but Dr. Google assured us that it was either chickenpox or some sort of very rare staph infection. We chose to go with chickenpox.

And I spent all Sunday evening fretting because I took him to nursery at church that morning before the rash appeared.

We were sequestered as soon as we got to the doctor's office, which oddly upset Little Elvis. My little loner did not want to be by himself in the exam room. For once, he wanted to play with the other kids! The grass is always greener I guess.

The doctor did not agree with Dr. Google. She thinks that Little Elvis has extremely sensitive skin. Apparently, my decision to not pre-wash his new clothes anymore was a bad one. He wore two new shirts this weekend, and got very hot at the little festival we attended on Saturday. The doctor thinks that caused his chest and back to break out.

I'm glad that we don't have to be quarantined in the house for a week, and that he's not itching or feverish or contagious. But I'm frustrated with myself for being lazy and not pre-washing his shirts.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Festival fun

We took Little Elvis to another festival this weekend. This one was sposored by our town and had all sorts of fun, free stuff for kids to do.

There were at least 2 or 3 bouncy houses, a ball pit, several bouncy slide things, a miniature carousel, face-painting, crafts, a little train you could ride on, and horse-back rides.

Want to know what we did?
Found an ugly, old white van and inspected it. A lot. Whenever we were able to wrangle him away from the van, he screamed and cried.

We did manage to ride the little train, but only after getting him a lollipop. Can you tell how red his face was? It was more from the heat than the fact that we had pulled him from the van.

It was a fun time -- just not the fun time that we expected to have. We've pretty much decided that Little Elvis does not like crowds, especially crowds of screaming kids.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Not a slave to fashion

Little Elvis is so not into fashion. Some days he will decide to wear a certain shirt, or request his Lightning McQueen socks, but for the most part, he wears whatever we put on him.

Every once in a while, he'll add a little spice to the ensemble. Earlier this week, he picked up my sun hat, and decided to wear it around the living room for a while.
I think it was a very good option, and complemented his Tigger and Pooh t-shirt very well.

Like the "drums" on our floor? He also likes to redecorate the living room most days, scattering pots and pans and all of the pillows out of our bedroom. Guess they're called throw pillows for a reason...He also likes to wear my sunglasses as a necklace. He absolutely hates sunglasses, but will tolerate them as necklaces.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Big accomplishments!

Little Elvis has had an exciting week. First, he finds out that he's getting a baby brother...

then he starts mastering ladders... (we have to work on the whole not climbing ladders while holding onto things like Goldfish, mulch or trucks)

and he blesses Mommy with an eyes-open smile for the camera! Finally! Bet the grandparents were missing their doses of those beautiful browns.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Boy Oh Boy!

Baby Plum is a very healthy boy! He's a little shy, though, unlike his older brother.

Baby Plum's profile (see his little arm by his face?)

We had a fun ultrasound session. Little Elvis was "Ready to go!" the entire time. If only his little brother looked more like Mater... But the technician was super nice.

Baby Plum looked great, wonderful and perfect. His brain was great, his heart was great, his kidneys, fingers, toes, legs, arms, etc. were all great. She was very enthusiastic about how great he was. I really, really liked this woman.

While I was happy to find out that we were having a boy, I was thrilled to find out that I hadn't hurt him in any way by not testing. (I read about the high percentage of false-negatives and false-positives and that ultrasounds were usually the confirmation for the findings.)

Once we secure in the knowledge that we had a very healthy, albeit shy baby, I started noticing the similarities and differences between our two boys at 20-ish weeks.

Little Elvis is a camera fanatic. He even liked having his picture taken in utero. He showed his profile and nose and lips willingly. Baby Plum kept his hands over or by his face almost the entire time. To me, it looked like he was sucking his thumb.

Baby Plum is already head down. Little Elvis was not. This explains why I'm feeling kicks in different places. With Little Elvis, most of the movement was on the upper sides of my stomach. I feel Baby Plum right at the very bottom of my belly. Every once in a while I'll feel a strong kick on the side, but it's obvious that he prefers a different part of the uterus.

While these differences are kind of cute to me, the most shocking thing from the ultrasound was the resemblence. The tech got one shot of Baby Plum's mouth and nose that looks a whole lot like the shot we got of Little Elvis at that time. Right now, it looks like Baby Plum will also have my nose and chin. His lips might be a little different, but not much.

Baby Plum's nose and lips

Little Elvis' nose and lips

When I told the tech that his profile looked a lot like his brother's, she was kind of surprised. So, I will admit to being the mommy here and seeing something that others might not see. But at least Bob agrees with me.

Oh, and they bumped up my due date a few days! They also did this with Little Elvis. I prefer the closer due date, so Baby Plum is now due on September 30th. (Bob was due on this date as well. I think they had calendars back then...)

All in all, it was a great day. Baby Plum is healthy and a boy! And I am thinking about changing his nickname. Bob says Baby Plum is gender neutral, but I think it's more feminine. What do you think?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The joys of being a boy

It's been raining a lot here in our neck of the woods. A lot. That means poor Little Elvis has been stuck inside for most of the days. Or, he's had to go to playgroups that were inside houses (which is NOT his idea of a fun time.)

But, there has been a silver lining to all of this rain -- puddles and mud!!

And I am THAT mom. I let my son splash and whoop it up in puddles. Even though it seems like several others do not approve.

Pshaw all you want. I had the forethought to dress my stir-crazy boy in brown pants and snow boots (thought they would keep his feet dry, oh well.) And the next day, he was splashing in brown camo and sandals.

Here he's in jeans, but the clothes went straight into the washer. All stains came out, and Little Elvis had a blast.

Mommy had to endure some rude comments and stares, but when seeing such a happy little boy, she was fine with it.

**Our ultra-sound is tomorrow! We should find out if Baby Plum is healthy and maybe find out the sex! Yay for calling 2 doctor's offices several times. They can test at 19 weeks if you call enough.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Little stinker

Little Elvis had LOTS of fun this morning. Thanks to my stupidity. There are some things that I've figured out by now. One of those is not to let my son run around in just a diaper while I'm showering, especially if he hasn't poopy-ed yet.

Little Elvis loves to play in the shower. I usually let him play in his pajamas in the morning, since I'll be changing him out of those anyway. This morning, he decided he wanted to play in the shower just as I was getting ready to take my shower.

Being the smartypants that I am, I took off his PJs. If he decides to join me in the shower, it's a whole lot easier to take off just a diaper than it is to take off footed pajamas.

Not sure why I thought this -- he hasn't wanted to shower with either of us for a long time. He just wants to play in the tub after we're out.

When I get out of the shower, I hear him banging on the bedroom door. He closed the door the whole way while I was showering and couldn't open it.

I open the door to find a naked little smiling boy. Wait, a naked little smiling, smelly boy. A naked little smiling, smelly boy with brown stuff all over his hands and on his feet.

Oh man. I plop naked smelly boy into the tub and begin to run the water -- he's no longer smiling at this point. I rub those sweet little hands and feet, and anywhere else that might have traces of poo. I rinse him off. Dry him off and then leave naked, smiling once again boy in the bathroom to go investigate where the poopy diaper is.

I find an empty diaper by the table and a bunch of smeared poo in the carpet of his playroom. Lovely. I scrubbed the area with soap and water until it returned to it's light beige color and went looking for my baby.

He was drinking his bath soap and looked very guilty. I take the soap bottle away and notice that the garbage can beside the toilet has a huge puddle in it. I didn't really smell it, but I'm fairly certain that Little Elvis climbed onto the toilet and peed into the garbage can while I was cleaning up his poopy mess in the playroom.

The garbage can is plastic and had just been emptied. No harm, no foul there. I'm just really impressed that he managed to aim that well! There was a tiny bit on the toilet seat cover, but the majority landed in the garbage can.

Anyway, every once in a while, I get the faintest aroma of poo. Not sure if it's in my head, but when we played the stinky feet game this morning, I really meant it.

Hopefully, this will be my best poopy story ever. And he won't try to outdo this morning's performance.
This picture was taken the other night. You don't think he's planning this morning's hijinx, do you?

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

18 weeks

Baby Plum is almost to the halfway point, and I am really showing now.

People keep telling me that I'm really showing and I'm not super happy about it. I'm showing earlier than I did with Little Elvis and it just makes me feel even more like the white elephant in the room.

Baby Plum is also making his/her presence known. I'm feeling little kicks and jabs. They are most frequent in the afternoon, so Bob can't feel them yet. I'm also not so sure he would be able to feel them yet.

Finally had another doctor's appointment and all is well. I'm only considered high risk, because of the previous C-section. I'm ok with that.

I've been trying to set up the 20-week ultrasound, but not having much luck yet. I picked a bad time to be 20 weeks, because only one doctor is working that week and there are lots of other 20 weeks pregnant women. They're supposed to find a time to "squeeze" me in and call me back this afternoon. Based on my past experience with returned phone calls from doctor's offices, I'm not holding my breath.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Scaling sloped ladders

Little Elvis had a big weekend. He almost made me cry with pride at the afternoon festival.

There was a little bouncy house. Adults certainly couldn't go in, not even if they wanted to. It had a bouncy area, and then a sloped ladder like thing that led to a big slide. Mainly bigger kids were playing in it.

Still, Little Elvis gave it a go. At first he just tried to smuggle the three soccer balls out, with Mommy's help. Once he realized that wasn't working, he went and inspected the sloped ladder.

Little Elvis doesn't do ladders. He's great at stairs and steps, but ladders are a pain.

It was no surprise when he lost interest as the bigger kids climbed over him. But he kept going back to the ladder. I'm guessing he was gathering up the will to climb the fairly tall ladder.

Then, with lots of bigger kids all around him, he began to climb. It took him a while, but even with the other kids trying to leap over him and crawl around him, he stuck with it. By the time he got to the top of the slide and poked his smiling face around, he had a cheering section of me and three dads.

He slid down happily, and went right back in to climb that tall sloped ladder again. Still, with bigger kids impatiently "waiting" on him. During the beginning of the climb, I ran to get Bob (he with the cameras) so he could watch Little Elvis scale the sloped ladder.

Daddy didn't have time to get the camcorder out by the time he slid, and since Little Elvis felt he had now mastered the ladder, he refused to do it again.

No video or pictures, but I was just so proud of him. He didn't cry when the older kids were trying to climb around him (OK, push him out of the way.) He stuck to his guns. He had a goal, and he reached it. He was the youngest one using the slide at the time, and wasn't intimidated at all by the older kids.

What a big boy!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Busy, busy weekend

We had a big weekend! I was ambitious and my legs are STILL a little sore.

We ran errands most of the day on Friday, and then dropped Little Elvis off at a friend's house for a couple of hours in the evening. He had a blast with his friend, and even ate 2 hot dogs for supper! The other mom said he did a great job, and he seemed to have a big time with his friend.
On Saturday, we went two different festivals. In the morning, we went to one held by a church. They had a firetruck, two police cars, an army SUV, two bouncy houses, a playground, face painter, balloon sculptor, bands, and a little area where kids could "fish" for prizes with a fishing pole.

There also happened to be a church van parked in the area. Guess where we spent just about all of our time? The church van.

Little Elvis is really into vans these days.

He refused to go near the fire truck, even though the firefighters tried to get his attention.

He did play a little with the police cars, but one of the officers scared him.

Right before we left, he allowed himself to be put in the driver's seat of the Army vehicle.

He had fun, but that van was where he had the best time.

We headed to the other festival that afternoon -- after practically no nap. (We didn't think the lawnmower would wake him up. It did.)

This festival was for my moms group. There was a nice playground, a smaller bouncy house, fire truck and a face painter. At first, little sleepy boy only wanted to go back to the parking lot.

It took him about 30 minutes and a small bag of M&Ms to warm up to the idea of another festival. But once he did, he had a great time.

There was a firetruck at this one as well, and they let him sit in the driver's seat and examine the back portion where the other firefighters sit.

We spent quite a while at the firetruck.

He also had a great time doing some of the other events.

We were all exhausted once we got home, but it was a very fun weekend. Not so sure I'll plan so much for us in the future, though.