Thursday, May 07, 2009

Little stinker

Little Elvis had LOTS of fun this morning. Thanks to my stupidity. There are some things that I've figured out by now. One of those is not to let my son run around in just a diaper while I'm showering, especially if he hasn't poopy-ed yet.

Little Elvis loves to play in the shower. I usually let him play in his pajamas in the morning, since I'll be changing him out of those anyway. This morning, he decided he wanted to play in the shower just as I was getting ready to take my shower.

Being the smartypants that I am, I took off his PJs. If he decides to join me in the shower, it's a whole lot easier to take off just a diaper than it is to take off footed pajamas.

Not sure why I thought this -- he hasn't wanted to shower with either of us for a long time. He just wants to play in the tub after we're out.

When I get out of the shower, I hear him banging on the bedroom door. He closed the door the whole way while I was showering and couldn't open it.

I open the door to find a naked little smiling boy. Wait, a naked little smiling, smelly boy. A naked little smiling, smelly boy with brown stuff all over his hands and on his feet.

Oh man. I plop naked smelly boy into the tub and begin to run the water -- he's no longer smiling at this point. I rub those sweet little hands and feet, and anywhere else that might have traces of poo. I rinse him off. Dry him off and then leave naked, smiling once again boy in the bathroom to go investigate where the poopy diaper is.

I find an empty diaper by the table and a bunch of smeared poo in the carpet of his playroom. Lovely. I scrubbed the area with soap and water until it returned to it's light beige color and went looking for my baby.

He was drinking his bath soap and looked very guilty. I take the soap bottle away and notice that the garbage can beside the toilet has a huge puddle in it. I didn't really smell it, but I'm fairly certain that Little Elvis climbed onto the toilet and peed into the garbage can while I was cleaning up his poopy mess in the playroom.

The garbage can is plastic and had just been emptied. No harm, no foul there. I'm just really impressed that he managed to aim that well! There was a tiny bit on the toilet seat cover, but the majority landed in the garbage can.

Anyway, every once in a while, I get the faintest aroma of poo. Not sure if it's in my head, but when we played the stinky feet game this morning, I really meant it.

Hopefully, this will be my best poopy story ever. And he won't try to outdo this morning's performance.
This picture was taken the other night. You don't think he's planning this morning's hijinx, do you?


Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

Oh my gosh!!!!

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I just had to laugh. What a poop story!!

5:14 AM  

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