Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Best of both worlds

We have two cats -- one shy, jumpy cat's cat, and a lazy, sociable dog's cat. (We think he acts a lot more like a dog than a cat.)

Slappy is a sweet cat who can be extremely demanding. She's also very fast on her feet and leery of Little Elvis. The only time she lets him "pet" her is if one of us holds her down.

I say "pet" because Little Elvis has, for the most part, moved from hitting at the cats to pointing out their eyes and ears. He also wants to give them kisses. (This will infuriate my mother, but I figure kissing at the cats is a lot more hygenic than some of the other things my son happily puts in his mouth.)

Wally is Slappy's opposite. He's about twice her size and way too lazy to skitter away at first sight of Little Elvis. Wally has several favorite sleeping spots, most of which are accessible by Little Elvis.

When Little Elvis decides to play with his kitty cat, he saunters over and starts poking, pulling and pushing and even attempting to pick him up. Wally, ever the great sport, gives me his patented "Why me?" look.

So, Little Elvis gets to chase one cat around the house until he's exhausted, or she jumps on something too high for him to scare her. And he gets to pet and play with the other for about as long as wants.
Like the pale leg shots? I am SUCH a talented photographer, no?

Little Elvis is currently so enamored with the cats that they've become part of his nighttime potty routine. Oh yeah. I'll detail our very unusual potty-training regime soon.


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Would little Elvis like a 3rd cat perchance?

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