Saturday, June 06, 2009

Potty-training - Let's hear it for the cats

Even though Bob and I eschewed proper potty-training protocol when first getting Little Elvis to pee-pee like a big boy, we were actually fairly successful. And this was before he turned two!

But then, Little Elvis and I took a trip to Mississippi, and all of his potty-training went right out the window.

By the time we returned home, he refused to pee-pee in the potty at all. We had to start all over again with him, so we started trying to get him to pee before his bedtime routine again.

And he absolutely refused to do it. He wanted nothing to do with being a big boy.

We would cheer, sing, chant, cajole, all to no avail.

The cats, ever the nosy little duo, would usually saunter in at some point during this scene. One night, I picked up Slappy and made her "cheer" for Little Elvis.

It worked like a charm. He happily pee-peed, stopping the flow every once in a while to make sure Slappy was clapping for him.

The next night, he requested Wally's cheering. And from then on, we've had a cat cheering section every evening for the start of the bedtime routine.

The cats hate this. They run from me and I either have to surprise one or wrangle one from under the bed. Slappy whines the entire time I'm getting her to cheer. Wally struggles a little at the beginning, but his laziness takes over and he acquiesces.

Little Elvis loves it, though. He laughs and giggles and thinks it's funny.

And since we finally got over the barrier of not pee-peeing at all, he's been more willing to pee-pee at other times during the day.

He will happily go with me to the bathroom after lunch and after nap. He fights Bob about going first thing in the morning, though. But we'll figure that out as well. Too bad we don't have a dog or turtle to cheer him on in the morning...


Blogger mpotter said...

oh i cracked up at this.... i can't imagine yiminy & doh partaking in this. i had a good laugh w/ The Mr.

good luck w/ your continued success.

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