Monday, June 01, 2009

Scarred arm tie searcher

I do lots of bizarre things. I don't mean to, but I somehow manage to take the very easy and make it as complicated and frustrating as possible. It's a rare talent, I know.

One area where I constantly seem to do strange things is blogging for work. Before having Little Elvis, I worked for an online health company that shall not be named (it's all but gone now, but I had to sign some waiver saying I wouldn't mention it for 5 years...)

I worked in community. But we weren't open to the public. And anyone who didn't work in community, was too busy trying to get the company ready for launch, so they didn't have the time or the inclination to "seed." Which means it was up to the 5 of us in community to get the site populated.

So, I began creating mulitple personalities with wacky names. There was DietCokeFan, LonelySingleGuy, (poor guy was also balding, because I needed to put something in the hair section of the site) CelebrityDancingFan, etc. These folks had LOTS of problems. But I was fine with that, and did a pretty good job keeping up with all of my different personalities, their different email addresses and their passwords... while pregnant I might add.

That is until someone on high decided that all profiles needed pictures. For some reason, taking pictures to represent fake personalities was an issue for me. I mean, where did a 7-month-pregnant woman find a celebrity dancing picture that was free?

Bob offered to help, and that's how the profile picture for LonelySingleGuy ended up wearing a wedding band. Yep. I took a picture of Bob's hands typing on a keyboard, but didn't think to have him take off his ring. So, LonelySingleGuy turned out to be kind of a creep. Oh well.

My other pictures were just as odd, but not as bad.

Thankfully, I'm no longer working for the place that shall not be named. But I am doing some freelance blogging for a green website.

At first things were going great, then they decided they wanted pictures with every post. They suggested I use Flickr, and I'm truly inept with Flickr. So, I've been taking my own pictures. This sucks, because I'm relegated to posts that are somehow connected to our house -- recycling phone books, using your oven less in the summer, etc.

But, with Father's Day around the corner, I decided to do green Father's Day gifts to go with the Green Mother's Day gifts I did last month.

Poor Bob was once again asked to pose for my picture. I decided to take one of his hand browsing through his ties (don't all Dads get ties for Father's Day?) While taking the photos, I was frustrated, because even in the midst of taking them, I knew they would turn out badly.

This afternoon (while Little Elvis fussed from his crib) I uploaded the pics and began editing them. That's when I realized that Bob's recent burn scar was prominently featured in all of them. Bob burned the fire out of his arm a couple of weeks ago taking a pan out of the oven.

But I didn't have a choice. The post needed to go up, and it had to have a picture. So, even though I knew the scar could scar any poor web searcher looking for green Father's Day gift ideas, I uploaded it anyway.

Luckily for me, and for any readers, the software the site uses crops photos, and Bob's scar was cropped. Here's the link to the front page of the green website, and Bob's cropped arms searching for a tie.

Who else does crazy things like this? How could I not see that huge red scab? Or the wedding band for my poor balding, LonelySingleGuy?


Blogger lisa said...

If there was an award for most original and confusing post name this would win. Had no idea were you were going with this. I don’t think your pictures are that bad though. And the one of Little E is cute of course!

6:08 PM  
Blogger Kristi said...

Ha! That is totally something I would do as well. My grasp of the obvious is minimal at best.

4:15 PM  
Blogger becky @ misspriss said...

Couple of tips for you.

Make sure you search the Creative Commons licensed photos, and it's best to use those that are ok with commercial use (like attribution, or attribution + share alike).

There are sites besides Flickr, like Stock.xchng and morgueFile and image * after that offer free stock photos. Sometimes it's easier just to use those because you don't have to worry about the license changing (which can and has happened to me on Flickr).

12:42 PM  

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