Sunday, July 05, 2009

Hiding out

So, I was very wrong about the extent of my poison ivy rash. The entire left side of my face is covered with tiny blisters. My cheek, lips, nose and chin are all swollen. I'm trying not to look at myself, because it seems to grow by the hour.

My right hand and arm now have big blisters on them, and I have spots on my chest and upper arms as well.

I called my doctor this morning, who called in some prescriptions for me that are safe for pregnancy. So far, I'm still itching and burning... a lot.

Bob works on Sundays, so I got to treat the world to my swollen, red face when picking up the medicines. I think I scared some people, although I tried to hide behind sunglasses and a ball cap.

The worst is that I'm not comfortable holding Little Elvis. He is extremely affectionate and just wants to rub my right arm and snuggle or kiss my hideous face. I try to redirect him to my mostly ivy free left arm, but he is determined to rub all over my right arm.

I've already cried twice today because I just can't let him touch these blisters. My brain knows that my rash isn't contagious at this point and that children under 7 rarely get it (according to Google) but I can't risk that. I am completely miserable with itchy, swollen, painful blisters and I refuse to put him through that because I want to hug and kiss him. (Plus, Google has been wrong before.)

Bob's poison ivy on his face and neck were remarkably better the day after he started taking his prescriptions and using his creams. My medicines are different, and possibly not as strong. I'm so hoping that I do feel some relief tomorrow.

For now, I am hiding out in our house and trying not to touch anyone or anything.


Blogger mpotter said...

oh NO!
how awful......

get better soon.

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, you poor thing, I hope you are better now!!

8:52 PM  

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