Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Saying goodbye

While Little Elvis will be relocating closer to one set of grandparents, he'll be moving farther away from another. We currently live a couple of hours from Grandpa Stew and Grandma Shan.

Both came to visit and say goodbye this weekend. Little Elvis received several cars (including a Lightning McQueen! And a car with a hood that opens!) and a puppy that rolls over.

In return, he renamed his Grandpa Stew. He just started saying "Pawpaw" when referring to Bob's dad. It was very, very cute.

Here he is with Grandma Shan and "Fido." I decided to name the dog, which I'm hoping will put off the eventual adoption of a real dog for a while. The thought of an infant, a toddler and a real puppy, is just too much right now.

Little Elvis loves Fido and tried to nap with him on Monday. That's why this post went up today instead. He didn't nap, because Fido was way too much fun. I learned my lesson. Fido stayed with me during naptime today.


Blogger Laura said...

Moving away from one set can be hard on everyone. I know David's parents are happy we are near my parents, but wish that they were closer! Good luck!

5:31 AM  

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