Sunday, August 30, 2009

Imagine a world where cars say thank you for lollipops

As Little Elvis gets more and more vocal -- well, as we get better at understanding what it is he is saying -- we have been understanding a whole lot more of what's going on in his little mind.

His imagination is very impressive. And he's very polite in his imaginary world.

Obviously, the majority of his imaginary world deals with cars, parking, and trains. He spends a good part of most days parking and arranging his cars, traffic cones, people and various other objects in one specific location. Once that location has served its purpose, he moves each and every piece to a new location. Chattering the entire time.

Last week as he was moving his cars and trains from the train track to my father's pool table, he gave me a play-by-play of all the action.

First, Sally (the sleek sports car from Cars) needed a lollipop. He has this odd cuckoo clock looking figurine that he must think looks like a bank. Sally pulled up to the "bank," told them she needed a lollipop, and thanked the teller once she got her lollipop.

Then, blue car needed gas. He has this piece of a train set with a little man operating a gate to stop the trains. This man is a gas pumper. (We definitely don't do full service gas, so I have no idea where this even came from.) Blue car pulled up, got his gas (with sound effects), and drove off.

And a lady figurine was tired. So, she got to sit on a bench.

What a fun little world!

After all of these hijinx on the pool table, we then had to play "golf." In Little Elvis' world, golf is played on a pool table. Just about any hitting device will do -- pool cue, toy golf club, toy bat, his hands, etc. The goal is to hit the balls into the pockets. If you do, he will cheer and tell you that you did a good job. If you miss, he will pull the ball into the pocket and say oops or that's ok.

The next day while at my grandmother's house, we were getting him to pick up the mess of toys he had strewn everywhere. As he put the babydoll in the basket, he kissed it, told it that he loved it and would miss it.

He also started doing a deep bow while saying thank you during that trip.

I always think there's no way he can get or be any cuter. There's just not. Then, he thanks the "bank" for a lollipop, or tells a baby doll he will miss it, or bows while saying thank you. And I realize that yes he can, and he will probably do something even more heartbreakingly sweet or cute to top these actions.

(The crazy thing is that I have even more stories, but thought this was getting a little long...)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Take picture! Another one!

Little Elvis loves to have his picture taken. I've gotten better about charging the camera and having it out. Whenever he finds it, he demands that I take a picture of him.

This is from yesterday morning. Little Elvis is a morning person just like his Daddy. Of course, one snapshot is never enough.

I have to take a couple before turning off the camera.
He needed more pics taken later in the day. Here he's telling me to take a picture.

And here he's trying to make sure that I get a good close-up.

My little entertainer. He's so much like his daddy. I wonder which one of us Baby Plum will be more like.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Need to nest

I don't remember if I needed to nest with Little Elvis. We were in a rental. Other than putting up a valance that matched his bedding and hanging a couple of pictures, there wasn't much we could do anyway.

The need to nest is definitely present with Baby Plum, and there's not a thing I can do about it. We are still weeks away from closing on our house. Baby Plum is officially due just 9 days after closing.

And there are some things we need to get done (aside from painting) before we move into the house.

What are we waiting on? Paperwork to get filed and some sort of city inspections to be complete. The paperwork will take 15 days. Who knows when the city inspectors will decide to go and inspect the house? Their priorities aren't the same as mine. They don't care that Baby Plum might make an early appearance.

So, instead of feathering our nest and gazing at a teddy bear-themed nursery, I'm stuck making list upon endless list of things I think/want to do if and when we ever get to close on this house.

My top priority is Little Elvis' room. It will be car/traffic themed. We got him a cute Lightning McQueen toddler bed before moving.

His bedspread is this adorable traffic themed set from Target. My mom found some matching wall decals, and we also have a light up stop sign and dry erase speed limit sign to hang up. He's also got a Cars rug, a little "garage" I made out of our old fruit bin, and several traffic cones.

One of my aunts is an elementary school teacher, and she's going to help me paint a road mural on his wall. I also plan on getting a cheap, skinny hallway rug, painting it black and putting yellow parking lanes on it. There was a cute stoplight lamp I saw on ebay a while ago that I also liked. And I would like to make him a traffic cone bedside table.

I have all these plans, and am powerless to do anything with them. Oh well. Little Elvis is up and ready for an afternoon of fun with a non-whiny Mommy.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Growing up

Little Elvis is getting so much bigger, and really becoming more of a little boy than a toddler.

His talking has gotten so much better. Some of his words are still more versions of his intended words -- oni means open -- but we are understanding him more and more everyday. He talks in sentences a lot more now, instead of just commands.
Although he does still make lots of one word demands for me everyday -- oni, juice, up, car. These are all pretty self-explanatory. I'm supposed to open something, get him juice, pick up all 38 pounds of him, and get him a car. He also has sweet commands -- hug and kiss.
And he still LOVES the word no. Definitely his favorite word. He has many different variations of it.
Our son rarely says yes. He's figured out how to demand something fairly nicely, then when we ask to make sure we understand what he's saying, he says, "Ok." Like it was all my idea to get him a bag of popcorn at 4 in the afternoon. (My dad has a big popcorn machine like you see in some stores. He makes lots of popcorn. I'm trying to look at it like Little Elvis is getting lots more fiber in his diet.)

We took Little Elvis to a tail-gating, outdoor concert last week. I couldn't find his Mississippi State shirt, so he was stuck with just a sticker. As you can tell, posing with the mascot for my alma mater wasn't all that high on his list of fun things to do.

Once the picture taking business was over, he ran to the water pad and had the best time copying the older boys who were playing. If one stuck his foot in a stream, then Little Elvis stuck his foot in a stream.

This is relatively new behavior and it was so fun to watch him interact with the older kids.

We moved to the playground equipment and Little Elvis even managed to ride the merry-go-round a few times with the older kids. They were nice enough to let Bob push them around slowly until Little Elvis got off.

He had the best time at the concert, and didn't even whimper between songs. This is a big deal, because Little Elvis usually bawls his eyes out when songs end.

He's just getting so big!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Scaring my sweet baby

We had a minor scare this evening. It didn't feel minor at the time, and our reactions (more mine I'm sure) ended up scaring Little Elvis as well.

We had just finished blowing up his little swimming pool when my stomach began killing me.

I went inside, and by the time Bob and Little Elvis entered, I was sitting in front of the toilet battling waves of nausea. I was hot, sweaty and worried about the fact that I'm just 34 weeks pregnant.

Bob and Little Elvis stood in the door. I'm sure my voice was panicked. Little Elvis began crying.

After a couple of minutes, the nausea and sweats passed. My guys went back out to play in the pool while I stayed by the bathroom, hoping the pain would go away and not be contractions.

A few minutes later, they came back inside. Bob said Little Elvis wanted to check on me. My sweet little boy ended up sitting with me in the bathroom until the last wave of nausea passed.

I think I had one sort of contraction, which I'm sure was Braxton-Hicks. That was it. The pain is now mostly gone. We think Baby Plum may have dropped, and this must have somehow impacted my stomach?

I am surprised by how sweet and caring Little Elvis was during this episode. But also worried about how Little Elvis will handle it if I actually do go into labor around him. I am going to need to work on my panic voice, and maybe I should stop hoping for a delivery around week 37, huh?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The date is official

Baby Plum will make his official entrance into this world by September 25, 2009. It should happen in the morning sometime.

I'm still thinking he will arrive early, but that could be wishful thinking. (And with the whole house thing, I shouldn't be having wishes like that.) Still, once I hit week 37, I know I will be much more vocal in my hopes that he arrives early.

Little Elvis is back to thinking that Baby Plum lives in his belly. When we talk about Baby Plum, he always lifts his shirt and inspects his belly. I thank him for offering to carry his brother.

The doctor made some comment about me gaining 3 pounds between appointments, so I guess I need to cut back. Although I really do only eat when I'm hungry. Overeating makes my already awful heartburn just that much worse. I think the main thing is exercise. Something I'm way too tired to do most days. I will try harder on that front.

Little Elvis and I have had a bad week. He reduced me to tears by Tuesday. The biggest issue has been naps and potty-training. He just kept regressing and I can't figure out why. We haven't moved yet. Baby Plum hasn't been born yet. Daddy's working a whole lot more and I think that may be what's causing our problems.

Today has been a pretty good day so far, even though he isn't napping. At least he isn't yelling and screaming (did that for 2 hours on Tuesday.)

I'm worried about Baby Plum's impact on Little Elvis. Although my current "big" concern is how Little Elvis will handle my stay in the hospital. I will be there for at least 3-4 days. He's never been away from me for that long. I won't be able to lift him, or even walk for that first day. Maybe I'm worrying over nothing. Maybe I'm more worried about how I will handle being away from him, and the guilt I will feel about taking lots of time away from Little Elvis.

I don't know if he would be up for an older sibling class, so I think I need to try and rent some big brother books at the library.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Odd traits I've passed on

Little Elvis may look a lot like his daddy, and has the energy level of his daddy. But he's got some decidedly odd habits or traits that I have to take ALL of the credit for.

1. His love of mustard. I'm not sure I've ever loved mustard as much as Little Elvis does -- um, he could eat a meal of nothing but mustard, and has -- but I do like it. Right now I can't eat mustard, due to the heartburn it gives me. Usually though, our fridge is stocked with about 5 different types of mustard and some little containers of McDonald's Hot Mustard. All that mustard is for me.

2. Little Elvis also loves flour (guess he's a flour child, get it?) So do I. When we were packing up the kitchen, I put the flour bag in a box. He kept pulling it out and demanding more flour. Not asking. Demanding. I used to sneak flour out of the special flour drawer that my Mawmaw had for biscuits and cookies. I would sneak some and then lie to my mom about it with flour all over my face.

3. Little Elvis needs to know where we are at all times. He mainly does this with Daddy. Where's Daddy? Where'd Daddy go? What's Daddy doing? This also comes from me. Whenever Bob leaves the room, I have to ask him where he's going and what he's doing. To stick up for myself, he's usually starting to do some chore of mine that I've put off. If he cops to this, then I can rush and do it and not feel guilty later. Other times, well, I guess I'm just curious.

4. Arm and elbow infatuation. Little Elvis LOVES arms. He is an arm boy all the way. He was very put out when I had poison ivy up and down my arms. He ended up holding the arms of one of the moms in our playgroup that week. He just likes to hold biceps. More recently, he's moved onto elbows. He will play with the extra skin at my elbow, pinch it, kiss it and stare at it.

I am also quite the arm fan. When flirting with boys in college, I would always grab their bicep. Not aggressively, just in conversation. "That's so funny!" (hold the arm) One of my friends pointed this out to me, because I didn't even know I was doing it. I believe I was checking out their biceps, though. Emmitt Smith was on Dancing with the Stars when I was pregnant with Little Elvis. Every week he wore these bands around his biceps, which were always exposed. I loved this and threatened to buy some for Bob.

As for the elbows, I distinctly remember playing with my Granny's elbows whenever I could as a child. I just liked to play with the extra skin. Don't remember kissing it, but I liked how it felt. I was a very odd child.

What will I end up passing on to poor Baby Plum?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I have been worried about the impact of all of the recent changes on Little Elvis. And in the beginning, he seemed to handle things very well.

Sure, he had issues sleeping at first. But he has had trouble adjusting to the crib at my parents' house for the past several visits.

His pickiness with food, which hasn't been good for at least a year, became even worse. His two favorite foods -- macaroni and cheese and eggs -- were deleted from the list of foods he would eat. That makes a very short list much, much shorter. I think he's pretty close to eating eggs again, but I've been wrong when it comes to his food choices before.

Little Elvis has also regressed a bit with the potty training. We were at a point where he happily told us about peeing and didn't wet his diaper during naps or bedtime. He wasn't as consistent with the pooping, but it wasn't bad. He would usually have one bad day every couple of weeks. He's had two rough days this week.

I think the delayed reaction is because we usually visit for 2 weeks. It's been about 3 weeks since we arrived. He can somehow tell. His daddy is here, but not all day. Something is definitely different. Poor little guy.

He's also getting more vocal with my parents and grandparents. If I say we're going to visit Granny and Pappy, he will yell "No Granny Atty!! No Granny Atty!" This despite the fact that he constantly talks about Granny, Atty and Granny's car. It's the same with my other set of grandparents. He talks about them and their car (he still REALLY loves cars) and then cries if I say we're going for a visit.

To make matters worse, Little Elvis has learned the way to both of their houses. Since he's always ready to go, go, go; I sometimes don't tell him where we are headed. But he's onto me and will fuss as soon as he realizes which direction we are heading in.

As soon as we arrive, his fussing stops. He always has a great time visiting my grandparents. I have no idea why he yells and fusses like he does about visiting. (One grandmother has a pantry stocked with Nabs, the other has cheese puffs and fresh peaches growing on trees.)

I'm worried that things will only get worse as things change. Our deal on the house is mostly final. The home inspection found some things that the seller will give us a credit for, but doesn't want fixed until after closing. The mortgage broker told me that some of those things will have to be fixed before closing. If things get worked out, we should close sometime in the middle of September. About 10 days before Baby Plum is scheduled to arrive.

That's a lot of change for anyone, let alone a 2 1/2 year old. Poor Little Elvis.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby Plum update

I am one of those women who does not enjoy being pregnant. During both of my pregnancies, I've had women come up and tell me how much they enjoyed being pregnant, and how they would be pregnant all of the time, if it weren't for the outcome.

I usually smile and give an uncomfortable laugh, but I don't believe these women. Not one bit.

Both of my pregnancies have been rather painless I suppose, but I did not enjoy either. I much prefer the after part of the pregnancy. I would rather have my sweet baby than go through the pregnancy.

In the early stages of this pregnancy, in the midst of all day nausea, I told Bob that two just might be it for us. And my nausea didn't really amount to much of anything. I know of women who have it much, much worse.

Anyway, I'm somewhere around 33 weeks now. And I am huge. Things are going pretty well. I feel awkward and definitely waddle from time to time. My craving for ice has turned into a need and I'm constantly munching and heading to the bathroom. I also want to eat Zest again. My iron levels aren't that low, though. So, I just fight that urge with more ice.

One thing that surprised my new doctor during our first appointment last week was my lack of swelling. My ankles, feet and hands are fine. I hadn't thought much about it, although I did start swelling with Little Elvis around month 6 or 7 I believe.

That first appointment went pretty well, but this doctor is also against this birth being natural. He doesn't want to run the risk since Little Elvis was an unplanned C-section.

This means he wants us to pick a day for the delivery of Baby Plum. He gave us from Sept. 22 - Sept. 28. My mom's birthday is Sept. 26. Bob's is Sept. 27. I thought it would be kind of neat if Baby Plum just happened to be born on one of their birthdays. But that's not something I'm just going to choose.

So, instead we have picked Sept. 25. It's a Friday. That way Bob won't have to take off more than a day of work at the most. (I'm going to ask the doctor if it's possible to have the C-section in the afternoon, but it just feels so weird picking a date and time that are convenient.)

This means we will get to actually meet our little guy in less than 7 weeks!

All of that said, I'm not sure Baby Plum will even make it until then. This baby is ACTIVE. And he feels so huge to me. I have no real basis to think he will be born earlier than the 25th, I just feel like he will.

Baby Plum's likes in utero: when I eat ice, Daddy's voice, Little Elvis' chatter

BP's dislikes in utero: anything in my bladder, Little Elvis sitting on my stomach, me switching sides at night

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Cutie pie, cootie-cootie pie

Little Elvis has done lots and lots of cute things since we've relocated (he's also done some very not cute things, but the cute things are lots more fun to remember and write about.)
My mom has been telling him that he's a cutie-pie. He likes to repeat her and tell her he's a cootie-cootie pie. He also likes to repeat me when I tell him he's a good or big boy. Little Elvis loves praise.
One thing he's done for a while that I never even noticed is repeat everything he says at least once. We give him a gummy vitamin every morning. He always asks for a "yummy gummy bear" at least twice. If I don't respond quickly enough, he will repeat himself over and over until I acknowledge his request.

He also still really loves attention. He's expanded his dance numbers to include a wild spinning in a circle dance that usually makes him very dizzy, and he will also run side-to-side as another dance. If he does either of these, then all people present are expected to applaud. If you don't, then he will stop and stare at you and possibly tell you to "clap."

Last weekend we took him to Burger King to play. He's not been eating very healthfully, so I said he couldn't have any french fries. His response? He went up to people eating their lunch at various tables and told them he was "Hawn-gree, hawn-gree!" Yes, his southern accent is coming along quite nicely.

At the same Burger King, a sweet little boy that I'm estimating was about 5-years-old tried to play with Little Elvis. Little Elvis' response? "No play! No play!!" The manners? Not coming along as nicely. The little boy just ended up following Little Elvis as he went through the same series of tunnels several time. Poor little boy.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Big accomplishments

It's been a very busy few days around here. And I've been terrible about turning on the computer. I've been even worse about taking pictures -- not even sure where the camera is.

This evening we submitted an offer on a house that we both really like. I'm cautiously optimistic that it will be accepted. The last time we really searched for a house (when we were living in Tennessee) it took us more than three months to find the house for us. We put in bids on a couple that fell through -- we were outbid on one and the home inspection turned up way too many issues on the other. Hence the caution.

We also enrolled Little Elvis in a pre-school program that starts after Labor Day. He absolutely LOVES nursery at church, and this pre-school is a church program 2 mornings a week. I'm hoping he will like it.

And I trimmed his hair. The curls are still there, but his little bangs were getting into his eyes and the curls were more matted frizz than curls. I trimmed about an inch off the back and his curls look so much better. It was difficult, though. He does not know how to sit still. Bob had to try several different holds before I could make those 2 snips.

Little Elvis has been so cute and funny (and way too strong-willed at times), so as soon as I locate the camera and take his picture I plan to write about them.