Thursday, August 06, 2009

Cutie pie, cootie-cootie pie

Little Elvis has done lots and lots of cute things since we've relocated (he's also done some very not cute things, but the cute things are lots more fun to remember and write about.)
My mom has been telling him that he's a cutie-pie. He likes to repeat her and tell her he's a cootie-cootie pie. He also likes to repeat me when I tell him he's a good or big boy. Little Elvis loves praise.
One thing he's done for a while that I never even noticed is repeat everything he says at least once. We give him a gummy vitamin every morning. He always asks for a "yummy gummy bear" at least twice. If I don't respond quickly enough, he will repeat himself over and over until I acknowledge his request.

He also still really loves attention. He's expanded his dance numbers to include a wild spinning in a circle dance that usually makes him very dizzy, and he will also run side-to-side as another dance. If he does either of these, then all people present are expected to applaud. If you don't, then he will stop and stare at you and possibly tell you to "clap."

Last weekend we took him to Burger King to play. He's not been eating very healthfully, so I said he couldn't have any french fries. His response? He went up to people eating their lunch at various tables and told them he was "Hawn-gree, hawn-gree!" Yes, his southern accent is coming along quite nicely.

At the same Burger King, a sweet little boy that I'm estimating was about 5-years-old tried to play with Little Elvis. Little Elvis' response? "No play! No play!!" The manners? Not coming along as nicely. The little boy just ended up following Little Elvis as he went through the same series of tunnels several time. Poor little boy.


Blogger mpotter said...

oh that's hilarious.... you poor lady. i'm sure people thought you were just STARVING him to death.

cutie pie, indeed.

11:52 AM  

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