Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Need to nest

I don't remember if I needed to nest with Little Elvis. We were in a rental. Other than putting up a valance that matched his bedding and hanging a couple of pictures, there wasn't much we could do anyway.

The need to nest is definitely present with Baby Plum, and there's not a thing I can do about it. We are still weeks away from closing on our house. Baby Plum is officially due just 9 days after closing.

And there are some things we need to get done (aside from painting) before we move into the house.

What are we waiting on? Paperwork to get filed and some sort of city inspections to be complete. The paperwork will take 15 days. Who knows when the city inspectors will decide to go and inspect the house? Their priorities aren't the same as mine. They don't care that Baby Plum might make an early appearance.

So, instead of feathering our nest and gazing at a teddy bear-themed nursery, I'm stuck making list upon endless list of things I think/want to do if and when we ever get to close on this house.

My top priority is Little Elvis' room. It will be car/traffic themed. We got him a cute Lightning McQueen toddler bed before moving.

His bedspread is this adorable traffic themed set from Target. My mom found some matching wall decals, and we also have a light up stop sign and dry erase speed limit sign to hang up. He's also got a Cars rug, a little "garage" I made out of our old fruit bin, and several traffic cones.

One of my aunts is an elementary school teacher, and she's going to help me paint a road mural on his wall. I also plan on getting a cheap, skinny hallway rug, painting it black and putting yellow parking lanes on it. There was a cute stoplight lamp I saw on ebay a while ago that I also liked. And I would like to make him a traffic cone bedside table.

I have all these plans, and am powerless to do anything with them. Oh well. Little Elvis is up and ready for an afternoon of fun with a non-whiny Mommy.


Blogger Jeni said...

All your plans sound great, can't wait to see the end result! Hope things move along quickly for you, I know how awful that nesting feeling can be.

1:36 AM  
Blogger mpotter said...

that sounds sooooo cute!!!!
very innovative.

sorry your nesting need isn't getting fulfilled.
The Mr. probably hoped i ever felt that way. I didn't nest at all.

honest though, the day i began labor was the day that i promise i was going to tackle a project i had put off.
do i still get points b/c i did it before jovie started crawling?? i think so.

good luck with all the house stuff/move/nesting/decorating.

when you're done there, come for a visit! we've got several rooms that need updating. (ha!)

10:02 AM  

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