Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10 days and counting

In less than 10 days, we will get to meet Baby Plum. I'm excited about getting to meet him, and not being pregnant any longer, but I'm also stressed over it.

Our house will not close before he's born. It just won't. The buyers are still mega-jerks in my opinion. It's not our fault, but it's because of us. I know that doesn't make sense, but it is what it is. We had way too much to get accomplished in way too short of a time-period.

So, most of our stuff is still in storage. We've gotten the absolute necessities, I think. We got the bassinet, all of Little Elvis' baby clothes, most of the cloth diapers I pre-bought before getting here (yes, we plan to cloth diaper), one nursing bra, the car seat and the bouncer.

There's still other stuff, but it's jammed in the back. None of my non-pregnancy clothes (or underpinnings) are out. No nursing pads. Nothing for fall for Little Elvis (other than jeans that I'm almost certain will be too short.) I did manage to find my bathrobe this weekend, which is apparently very important for the hospital. Baby steps, right?

Little Elvis is still in my old baby crib. We planned on making the transition to his toddler bed the week before Baby Plum arrived (once we were in the house.) We attempted a cot-type bed two weekends ago at my parents' cabin and it was a disaster. Although he loves to climb and jump, he hasn't yet realized he can find a way out of that crib. Thank God for that, because at the moment I am listening to him scream and jump in the crib.

I refuse to go get him on the grounds that he is exhausted and in a bad mood and I am just not up to handling it. (I already yelled at him once today, and feel guilty enough.) Little Elvis has become increasingly more clingy to me in the past few weeks. He refuses to sit by my parents and only wants to sit on my lap. My lap doesn't have much room, and poor Baby Plum gets stabbed by very pointy elbows several times a day.

While he is still the sweetest, most wonderful little boy, he's also become the most demanding. I cannot leave his sight.

Typical conversation:

Mommy: I'm going to go potty, do you need to go pee-pee in the potty?
Little Elvis: No!
Mommy: Do you want to go with me?
Little Elvis: No!
Mommy: Ok, well I'm going to the potty then. I'm going to go out the door, and to the bathroom. I will be right back. Ok?
Little Elvis: Ok.

Mommy leaves and heads for the bathroom.
Two seconds pass.

Little Elvis (heard yelling down the hall): Mommy! Mom-may!!! Mom-may!!
Mommy (loud whisper): I'm in the bathroom, come here.

Little Elvis enters the bathroom, relieved to have found his Mommy. She apparently cannot be trusted to return, even though she always does.

Since I'm very pregnant and have a penchant for ice water, this is at least an hourly occurrence.

So, while I'm anxious to meet our newest little one. I'm nervous about not having anything ready for his arrival. I'm nervous about never getting into this stupid house. I'm nervous about his older brother's reaction (please do not tell me any big brother trying to kill new baby stories -- I've heard enough over the past few days.)

Oh, and after about an hour of screaming, Little Elvis is finally napping. Thank goodness.


Blogger JM said...

Yikes, sounds like a very full plate! I only have good big brother stories over here, so don't worry. I am sure Little Elvis will be a wonderful and sweet older brother. Good luck with everything else!

6:10 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

10 days! WOW.

and, um.... wow!
i do not envy your position, but i wish you very well.
there are so MANY stories out there about big brothers falling in love with the baby, too. don't forget those.

i hate the chaos for you.
try to hang in there.

and just think, at least you're not doing all this in the midst of LOST season premier, right? (ha!)


8:44 AM  

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