Wednesday, September 09, 2009

First day of pre school

Little Elvis had his first day of pre-school this morning! He was so excited yesterday that he refused to nap and could barely eat his breakfast this morning.

He was very willing to pose for me this morning, though. He's holding his "Disney castle" which he found at an outlet store. It was definitely worth the 50 cents we doled out for it.
I had to include a shot of his "cool dude shoes." I believe I named them that, but he's picked up on it and likes to call them his cool dude shoes as well.

He was thrilled to go into preschool (didn't even say goodbye!) and was in great spirits when I picked him up three hours later.

Here he is post first day of pre school. Happy and ready to immediately go back to pre school to play with the kids.

I am so proud of him! He didn't fuss or cry, didn't wet his undies and must have behaved fairly well.

What a sweet big boy!

In Baby Plum news, I have 2 weeks and 2 days to go. Two women have stopped me recently to ask when I'm due. Must look like I'm about to pop. We're finally at week 37, and I'm not so sure Baby Plum will stay put until September 25th.


Blogger mpotter said...

oh that's SO terrific!!!
cute poses, too.

hang in there, baby plum!

good luck to you all.

10:49 AM  
Blogger Kristi said...

Yay! That is fantastic news, and I'm hoping that Isabella has the same reaction when she starts. We have two parent days next week, and then she does on her own beginning on the 22nd.

PS: I cannot believe Plum is almost here!

9:07 PM  

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