Friday, October 30, 2009

Costume redo

It's no secret that Little Elvis LOVES cars. It might not be known that my mother made most, if not all, of my Halloween costumes. I have very fond memories of some of her creations -- her Boy George, Joker and Carebear are big standouts.

With those memories in mind, I wanted to make Little Elvis' Halloween costume this year. With all that has been going on, a car was not happening.

We went with the next best thing -- a traffic cone. I bought an orange witch hat, orange turtleneck, and two plastic orange hunting vests. We put reflective tape around the hat and cut off the tip of it.

My dad told me to cut off the lip of the hat. I thought that was crazy talk. Um, he was right.
We went "trunk or treating" the other night and everyone thought my little traffic cone was either an orange witch or a pumpkin. They also all assumed he was a girl! We got so many compliments on our cute little girl!

Guess it was because he took off the hat about 10 minutes in. So he was running around with his pretty blonde curls in what looked to be an orange dress with navy pants.

Back to the drawing board! The lip will come off of the hat before Saturday, and we'll write Public Works on his chest... or something.

Baby Plum's outfit was a winner, though. Most likely because I had nothing to do with it. One of my mom's friends sent him this super cute Halloween costume last week.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fun and delays

Baby Plum is an eater! Little Elvis was an eater, too. But he waited until he was 6 weeks old to start the whole eating every hour on the hour thing. And then, it only lasted about 2 days at a time. Baby Plum's been eating like a horse for the past 3 days!

Little Elvis' major eating lags always preceded big growth spurts, so I assume that's what's coming up.

Since Baby Plum wants to eat all of the time, I'm having issues getting anything organized in the house. I'm down to the piles of stuff in our room, and we have our pictures to hang. Hopefully those will be hung this evening and I will find some time to tackle the rest of our bedroom stuff today.

When I say organized, I mean put somewhere. It will still take me a while to get everything in the place I actually want it. But at least our house will look somewhat presentable.

In other news, Little Elvis has been sleeping in his big boy bed since last Friday! He's even taking naps in it. He cries and fusses and plays for a good bit, but he stays in his room. I'm so proud of him! I had to go wake him up from his nap yesterday and he looked like such a big boy. He sleeps like Bob does and he wakes up like Bob does as well. Little Elvis looked a whole lot more like a big boy than my little toddler!

Our house is very echo-y, and all three of us (me, Baby Plum and Little Elvis) have stuffy noses. I tried to aspirate Baby Plum the other night and he screamed and screamed! It was about midnight and I'm pretty sure we woke Little Elvis up. I heard bed springs bouncing over the monitor.

I asked Little Elvis if he jumped on the bed the night before, and he said no, he bounced on the bed.

Little Elvis is talking in sentences a whole lot more, and his memory just amazes me.

I was playing some Big Band CDs from the library and commented that one song was "How High the Moon." Two days later, Little Elvis saw the CD and told Bob he wanted to hear "How High the Moon."

He also told my dad how to get home the other night. He told him to turn left and then turn right. He was right!

He also knows the word breakable, and when I tell him to stay away from something, he'll usually point to it and say, "breakable."

Little Elvis loves to shake Baby Plum's hand and say, "Nice to meet you!"

He has gotten frustrated with Baby Plum a little this week. He's told me several times to put Baby Plum in the bassinet so I can go play with him.

Baby Plum is much more alert these days and likes to stare around and take everything in. Little Elvis was the same way. They are fairly similar in temperaments, though Baby Plum is much more into eating, and not nearly as interested in pacifiers. He will take one, but you have to work to get him to take it.

I have cute pics and a song for Baby Plum's very first music video. Hopefully once our house doesn't look so messy, I'll be able to get around to them.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We haven't had too many of these... yet

Can you tell that both are crying in this picture? This hasn't happened too, too often. At least it's not the most common occurrence yet.

And it's almost impossible to document both sets of tears when one of my little sweeties is in love with the camera.

"Take a picture!" he demands as he crawls into my lap before I even get the camera on.
Every once in a while I can snap a picture before he gets too close to the camera.

When not posing for his close-up, or crying (usually because Mommy said 'no' or 'don't' or 'your feet are cold,') Little Elvis is quite happy to play.
He loves to flip ('fup') and thankfully Daddy and Coachpa do a great job satisfying this need.
He also still loves to park his cars. He decided to try out his lap as a parking lot the other night.
It's got a better capacity than I thought.
Baby Plum is happy to sleep, and is getting better at sleeping in places other than someone's arms.

He's also super cute when awake, but I'm not usually in a position to get the camera and snap a photo during those times. Have to get better at that.
Yesterday I dressed him in one of Little Elvis' old windsuits. My dad thought he looked like the bad guy from the newer Star Wars movies.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The sun came out

"Yesterday was plain awful..." but the sun came out this morning!

The boys and I spent the morning at our new house. I finished unpacking the remaining big box in the playroom and broke down two HUGE boxes. It still looks like a toy monster got sick in there, but that's fine. It will look better once we get my sewing table outside and hang up some shelves to hold things.

Then I moved onto the bedrooms. Little Elvis' bed is made, and he loves his comforter.

Our clothes are for the most part up (I still have a decent amount of clothes to sell, and I plan on adding a good bit more to it.) One of my dresser drawers needs to be repaired, the track thing is broken.

While I worked, Little Elvis played and Baby Plum slept. About an hour in, Little Elvis noticed the TV was now in the living room and he enjoyed PBS Kids for the last hour of our stay.

There's still LOTS to do, but I'm pretty proud of our accomplishments. Hopefully we'll get some more stuff done this afternoon and evening.

One very interesting thing I've discovered -- both boys seem to like Big Band music. I know, it's an odd discovery, but I'll explain it more next week.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rough day

I had big plans for this afternoon. The cable was going to be installed, and I would take the boys to "Little Elvis' new house" (according to Little Elvis) so I could work on finishing up the unpacking and organizing.

My biggest goals were to get the playroom in order and then get all of our clothes in the appropriate closets/drawers.

The cable guy only took 3 hours to show up, and I was still in the midst of an increasingly messy playroom when he arrived.

Little Elvis decided to undo whatever I did. Then, when I would get onto him, he would cry. Lovely. He also decided to climb up on a step ladder and get into a huge cardboard box that Bob put on our sofa.

Baby Plum wasn't happy either. He loves to be held, and that's not very easy to do when I'm attempting to unpack boxes.

Not only that, I'm still in pain. I ended up calling the doctor this afternoon. They were supposed to call in a prescription. They didn't. And when I called the after hours line, I was told to use some OTC thing that has nothing to do with my pain.

But I shouldn't fuss too much. Baby Plum is happily sleeping all snug in his carseat now. Little Elvis didn't fall out of the box on the sofa that he reached by ladder (I was feeding Baby Plum at the time.) And the cable guy came at 3:30, instead of 5. He was also really nice, especially to Little Elvis.

I have high hopes for accomplishments tomorrow morning. The playroom is fairly organized, so I'll let Little Elvis go nuts while I work on getting the huge pile of clothes off our beds and floor.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mommy's little "helper"

"Let Little Elvis 'help' with the baby." That was the biggest piece of advice I was given while pregnant with Baby Plum. He's brought me diapers and picked up pacifiers and burp cloths. He throws things away. He tries. The only time he's not interested in helping is when I ask for a pillow. He's taken to saying, "Oo-oh pillow!" and doesn't like sharing them.

Still, he loves his baby brother. He likes changing the "Baby Music" that plays in Baby Plum's bassinet. Before Little Elvis' music intervention...

After Little Elvis' music intervention.

And he even tried to help with Baby Plum's first bath.
Baby Plum's getting be quite a little butterball. Look at those chubby little cheeks.

I think the bath "help" had more to do with Little Elvis' interest in the baby bathtub, which he bathed in that night as well.
Little Elvis wanted to hold his baby brother for the past two weeks. And this week, I decided that we could try it. I knew this could possibly be a terrible decision, but it turned out well.

Sweet boys.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Moving pains

Moving less than three weeks after surgery with an infant and an increasingly busy toddler is difficult.

I want into our new house so badly. I want the co-sleeper, the sleep positioner, (Baby Plum is a roller) Lanolin cream, my clothes, etc. I want to no longer be a burden on my parents.

Yesterday my wants hit a wall of sorts. Although I only lifted small bags of Little Elvis' old clothes and small boxes of light baby toys, my incision began to really hurt. It was slightly red last night and puffy last night and still hurts some this morning.

Not sure how lifting small boxes and bags that weigh less than Baby Plum made that much of an impact, but the boys and I have had a very lazy day today. I'm hoping to be able to get out this afternoon, get some cabinet liners and unpack some boxes.

At this point, more than half of the storage unit has been moved. If the weather cooperates, we are hoping to be mostly moved in over the weekend.

One of my aunts offered to keep the boys for us and I will definitely take her up on that. We learned our lesson about packing up with Little Elvis around back in July.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bedtime preps

We have a fairly elaborate bedtime routine for Little Elvis -- bath, brush hair and teeth, kiss and hug everyone (while crying, because bedtime is fast approaching) and then rocking and singing.
He's added a new element to this routine -- kissing Baby Plum.
He is so fascinated with his baby brother. And although Little Elvis has been acting out a little more, (we had two huge crying fits this morning) he isn't taking any of his frustrations out on his little brother.
Baby Plum isn't sure what to think about all of this attention.

But I think he'll be thrilled to have such a caring big brother when he's a little older.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Big brother

We're still not really in a routine around here. Little Elvis has had a stuffy nose all week and I've been battling what I hope is a sinus infection. We've been a lazy little bunch.
This is how we've spent a good part of most days. I have a Boppy for Baby Plum. Little Elvis likes to put a pillow in his lap when he sits with us. I guess it's so he can match Mommy. (Sorry about the bra strap. I have a total of three shirts that aren't t-shirts. I can't wait to get our stuff out of storage!)
Coachpa posing with his newest recruits. At the moment, Little Elvis loves throwing. And he says, "Ready, Set, Go!" before he throws things. It's good warning for me if he has something breakable in his hands. Baby Plum seems to be into kicking for the time being.

This is an old baby doll of mine that Little Elvis has adopted and named after his brother -- as you can see, he won't be carrying Baby Plum any time soon.
I feel like I've done a crappy job being a Mommy to Little Elvis this week. He's watched a whole lot more TV than I would like, and I've gotten frustrated with him for being a two-year-old. He yells and cries when he doesn't get his way and has gotten pretty good at tuning me out when he would rather not do whatever it is I'm asking of him. My patience has been way too thin this week, especially considering how well he has handled all of the recent upheaval in his life. He truly seems to adore his baby brother, and kisses on Baby Plum all of the time. If I'm not holding Baby Plum, he wants to know why.

The only noticeable difference in his personality since Baby Plum's birth has been that Little Elvis doesn't want to let me out of his sight. He doesn't like for anyone else to put him down for nap or bedtime, and cries about me leaving him alone when I do. I guess it's from the 4 day hospital stay, and he'll get back to believing I will be there when he wakes up.

We should get to start moving some stuff into our house this weekend, and I'm really excited about that. The floors look wonderful, and I can't wait for Bob to see them. I'm hoping to get us into a nice little schedule once we're moved in.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

You look like someone...

For months now, Bob and I have wondered if Baby Plum would look like his older brother. Bob looks a little like his brother. But most of the siblings in my family don't look alike -- with the exception of my dad and his identical twin brother.

Well, Baby Plum is pretty much the spitting image of Little Elvis as an infant. At least in our opinion.
Little Elvis
Baby Plum
Little Elvis
Baby Plum
Little Elvis Baby Plum
Little Elvis

Baby Plum

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


On Friday, September 25th, we had Baby Plum. The very next Friday we finally closed on our house! It was such a relief!

We wanted to take a family picture in front of the Sold sign, but the sellers took that before we signed on the dotted line. Oh well. They also took the mailbox. (sigh)

It's an older house in a wonderful neighborhood, and we got a great deal. This is good, because we have LOTS of updating.

My dad and Bob painted two rooms this weekend - our bedroom and the playroom. They also laid down some Eco-carpet tiles in the playroom.

Although I wanted to refinish the original hardwood floors myself, my condition and the advice of my grandfather -- a former contractor -- led us to hire someone. It should be finished by the end of this week, and we can start moving in!

Most of the rooms were a nice neutral color, so they will stay as is for the time being. One bathroom and the kitchen are both a hot mess (holes in linoleum, wood paneling, dark peach tile board) and we plan on attacking those over Christmas holidays.

Lots and lots going on, so it's a very exciting time! I plan on taking some pics at some point. We'll definitely do befores and afters of the kitchen and bathroom.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


Baby Plum resting peacefully in the hospital. It must have been during the day, because he doesn't like to sleep anywhere but on Mommy at night.
Showing off his beautiful blue eyes. Bob's so good at getting close up pictures.
Snuggling with Mommy, waiting for her milk to come in.Proud Papa. Snuggling in on Daddy.
Meeting Gram and his big brother for the first time.
Meeting Coachpa.
All of my boys together.
They took pictures of Baby Plum at the hospital and I think they turned out so well.
I'm not sure how they got him to kind of smile and have his eyes open.
But I think they are just precious.