Friday, October 09, 2009

Big brother

We're still not really in a routine around here. Little Elvis has had a stuffy nose all week and I've been battling what I hope is a sinus infection. We've been a lazy little bunch.
This is how we've spent a good part of most days. I have a Boppy for Baby Plum. Little Elvis likes to put a pillow in his lap when he sits with us. I guess it's so he can match Mommy. (Sorry about the bra strap. I have a total of three shirts that aren't t-shirts. I can't wait to get our stuff out of storage!)
Coachpa posing with his newest recruits. At the moment, Little Elvis loves throwing. And he says, "Ready, Set, Go!" before he throws things. It's good warning for me if he has something breakable in his hands. Baby Plum seems to be into kicking for the time being.

This is an old baby doll of mine that Little Elvis has adopted and named after his brother -- as you can see, he won't be carrying Baby Plum any time soon.
I feel like I've done a crappy job being a Mommy to Little Elvis this week. He's watched a whole lot more TV than I would like, and I've gotten frustrated with him for being a two-year-old. He yells and cries when he doesn't get his way and has gotten pretty good at tuning me out when he would rather not do whatever it is I'm asking of him. My patience has been way too thin this week, especially considering how well he has handled all of the recent upheaval in his life. He truly seems to adore his baby brother, and kisses on Baby Plum all of the time. If I'm not holding Baby Plum, he wants to know why.

The only noticeable difference in his personality since Baby Plum's birth has been that Little Elvis doesn't want to let me out of his sight. He doesn't like for anyone else to put him down for nap or bedtime, and cries about me leaving him alone when I do. I guess it's from the 4 day hospital stay, and he'll get back to believing I will be there when he wakes up.

We should get to start moving some stuff into our house this weekend, and I'm really excited about that. The floors look wonderful, and I can't wait for Bob to see them. I'm hoping to get us into a nice little schedule once we're moved in.


Blogger mpotter said...

you look great. i hope you're feeling as great.

poor little elvis... i hate he's not feeling well. get better soon.
but it sounds like he's being an awesome big brother & handling everything well.

don't feel guilty at all!
you're managing very well.

6:45 PM  
Blogger MoziEsm√© said...

Very sweet photos! Hope everything gets settled in for you soon...

2:50 AM  

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