Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fun and delays

Baby Plum is an eater! Little Elvis was an eater, too. But he waited until he was 6 weeks old to start the whole eating every hour on the hour thing. And then, it only lasted about 2 days at a time. Baby Plum's been eating like a horse for the past 3 days!

Little Elvis' major eating lags always preceded big growth spurts, so I assume that's what's coming up.

Since Baby Plum wants to eat all of the time, I'm having issues getting anything organized in the house. I'm down to the piles of stuff in our room, and we have our pictures to hang. Hopefully those will be hung this evening and I will find some time to tackle the rest of our bedroom stuff today.

When I say organized, I mean put somewhere. It will still take me a while to get everything in the place I actually want it. But at least our house will look somewhat presentable.

In other news, Little Elvis has been sleeping in his big boy bed since last Friday! He's even taking naps in it. He cries and fusses and plays for a good bit, but he stays in his room. I'm so proud of him! I had to go wake him up from his nap yesterday and he looked like such a big boy. He sleeps like Bob does and he wakes up like Bob does as well. Little Elvis looked a whole lot more like a big boy than my little toddler!

Our house is very echo-y, and all three of us (me, Baby Plum and Little Elvis) have stuffy noses. I tried to aspirate Baby Plum the other night and he screamed and screamed! It was about midnight and I'm pretty sure we woke Little Elvis up. I heard bed springs bouncing over the monitor.

I asked Little Elvis if he jumped on the bed the night before, and he said no, he bounced on the bed.

Little Elvis is talking in sentences a whole lot more, and his memory just amazes me.

I was playing some Big Band CDs from the library and commented that one song was "How High the Moon." Two days later, Little Elvis saw the CD and told Bob he wanted to hear "How High the Moon."

He also told my dad how to get home the other night. He told him to turn left and then turn right. He was right!

He also knows the word breakable, and when I tell him to stay away from something, he'll usually point to it and say, "breakable."

Little Elvis loves to shake Baby Plum's hand and say, "Nice to meet you!"

He has gotten frustrated with Baby Plum a little this week. He's told me several times to put Baby Plum in the bassinet so I can go play with him.

Baby Plum is much more alert these days and likes to stare around and take everything in. Little Elvis was the same way. They are fairly similar in temperaments, though Baby Plum is much more into eating, and not nearly as interested in pacifiers. He will take one, but you have to work to get him to take it.

I have cute pics and a song for Baby Plum's very first music video. Hopefully once our house doesn't look so messy, I'll be able to get around to them.


Blogger lisa said...

Its biter sweet isn’t it? Little Guy surprises me so much too. Yesterday he told me he wasn’t a stinker, but a little boy! Adorable and sad at the same time! I know moving is frustrating, but you will get there.

2:20 PM  
Blogger Marla said...

Wow. Elvis in a big boy bed! My how time does fly!

8:19 PM  
Blogger Biscuit said...

Yey for Elvis! That is funny that he woke up and decided to bounce for awhile rather than coming out to see what you were up to. What a sweetie!

9:29 PM  
Blogger Kristi said...

Ugh-living in a cluttered house sucks, doesn't it? At least you're getting pictures on the wall. We have none out, anywhere in the house.

And there's nothing like a new baby in the house to make your original baby seem...very grown up. It's wonderful that he's sleeping in his bed!

9:58 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

wow! you seem to have it all so together. very very good.

big changes!
and i'm glad elvis is such a big boy now. he's doing fun stuff!

oh, and the nice to meet you?? priceless!

11:12 AM  
Blogger Gallagher Fam said...

i always forget how much adjusting is needed when one has a new baby! even when you get the routine down, the other kids still need to get used to not playing so much aroudn the baby and being super gentle, not to mention learning to be a little more self sufficient because mommy's constantly feeding little baby! phew!!! but it also seems to go by so quickly, doesn't it? i am glad he is transitioning to a big boy bed well. next week is supposed to be nice and sunny so we should go for a walk after everyone goes to school!

2:40 PM  

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