Friday, October 16, 2009

Mommy's little "helper"

"Let Little Elvis 'help' with the baby." That was the biggest piece of advice I was given while pregnant with Baby Plum. He's brought me diapers and picked up pacifiers and burp cloths. He throws things away. He tries. The only time he's not interested in helping is when I ask for a pillow. He's taken to saying, "Oo-oh pillow!" and doesn't like sharing them.

Still, he loves his baby brother. He likes changing the "Baby Music" that plays in Baby Plum's bassinet. Before Little Elvis' music intervention...

After Little Elvis' music intervention.

And he even tried to help with Baby Plum's first bath.
Baby Plum's getting be quite a little butterball. Look at those chubby little cheeks.

I think the bath "help" had more to do with Little Elvis' interest in the baby bathtub, which he bathed in that night as well.
Little Elvis wanted to hold his baby brother for the past two weeks. And this week, I decided that we could try it. I knew this could possibly be a terrible decision, but it turned out well.

Sweet boys.


Blogger JM said...

Aw, that last picture is so sweet. And too funny about helping with the music. Skyler always insists on turning on Mason's toys that have music and/or vibration...even if Mason isn't currently in them.

11:17 PM  
Blogger Shelley said...

They are both so adorable. Baby Plum looks like a baby doll lying in his bassinet. Sweet boys, indeed.

9:41 PM  
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