Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Home is... where is home?

We've been working hard to make our new house a home. But Little Elvis isn't quite convinced that his new house is home.

At least three times a day he asks to go home, to Gram and Coachpa's house. He'll bring me toys that he wants to take home. He sometimes cries when I turn onto the road to go to our new house.

It's worse on pre-school days. He wants to leave pre-school and go straight to Gram and Coachpa's. We almost made a surprise visit yesterday, but I needed to get my car inspected. The trip to the "car place" (I didn't know what else to call it) made him forget about needing to go "home."

I'm not complaining. He has been through so much in the past few months, and handled everything so well. I mainly feel guilty. Most of the changes he's experienced have been brought about because of me. So his confusion and tears are essentially my fault.

Thankfully, Little Elvis still enjoys being a big brother. He wants to kiss all over his little brother, hold his hand, show him books and cars, give him a pacifier, turn the bouncy chair up to it's highest power, etc.

Baby Plum has been so much more alert this week, and yesterday I'm convinced that he smiled when Little Elvis went up to see him.

As for the new house that isn't yet a home, I'm down to actually organizing the kitchen,and painting Little Elvis' room. My aunt is coming by this evening to help me come up with a fun car themed mural. Maybe once that's done, Little Elvis will feel more at home.

And maybe it will just take some time. He's been very patient with me these past few months, so I'm going to be patient with him.


Anonymous Stewart D. Swanson said...

Think you are right on with being patient with L.E. Change is part of the learning experience. Bob grew up in a house with only studs
initially designating walls and an older brother that was also attentive.It all works out in the end and provides additional experiences. He knows he's loved and taken care of and that is what
matters.- Grandpa Stew

5:20 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

of course with everything, it will take some time. but your house will become a home very soon.
and then gram & coachpa's place will just be "that fun place to go!"

all the best!

8:19 PM  
Blogger JM said...

Moving is rough, especially when your little one is cognizant of all the changes going on around them. I remember it being pretty tough for Skyler to adjust when we transitioned from my parents house to our (current) home. It just takes time. Hope he settles soon.

2:16 AM  

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