Saturday, November 28, 2009

Picture issues and a very affectionate little boy

I have so, so many cute pictures of our super-cute babies. I don't have so, so much time with the computer. I've tried a few times to upload pics and blogger is NOT having any of it. Must be jealous of my super-cute pictures. I say it needs to get over it.

Since I have no pictures and I haven't updated in a while, I'll just write about some developments.

Baby Plum is looking to be a pretty happy little guy. He's starting to smile and coo a good bit. His favorite time? Naked time. Second favorite? Diaper changing time.

Little Elvis still adores his little brother. He's constantly kissing on him. We have to keep a good eye on him, because he's a little rough. And he doesn't seem to care if the baby is sleeping when he wants a kiss.

We've been fairly successful in getting Little Elvis to kiss Baby Plum's hands instead of his little face.

Over Thanksgiving, he got to see some of my cousins' kids, who are all around his age. My affectionate Little Elvis tried to hug all of them. None of them were having any of his hugs, so he tried to make do by kissing their hands. At first, I couldn't figure out where he got that from. Then I caught myself telling him to kiss Baby Plum's hands. Aha.

I'm proud of our little boy, and his affection doesn't bother me. I'm sure he's confused, because all of the adults want him to hug and kiss them. The kids don't. Poor guy. I think the hand kissing was a very interesting solution on his part. Hopefully the kids will let him hug them at Christmas. If not, we'll just hug him lots more.

We'll keep trying on the pictures. Hopefully at some point, Blogger will push the pictures through.


Blogger Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

AW! That sounds so cute! I'd love to see the photos! I hope they work soon!

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