Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy(and healthy) Holidays!

I realize we're a little late on wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, so it's Happy Holidays instead. I've been bad about logging on with my computer, which is where all the pictures are. What fun is a post without super cute pictures?
Little Elvis had a very good Christmas, even though he wouldn't get too close to Santa. He needed Gram's support with the Home Depot Santa.
Baby Plum was always asleep around Santa, so he didn't get to visit this year, either. I understand the napping, he looks pretty snug, doesn't he?
Baby Plum had an ear infection in both ears the week before Christmas. Here we are at the doctor's office -- only an hour and a half wait this time.

I thought he just had a cold, and had no idea about the ear infections. He wasn't fussy, just wanted to feed a whole lot more (and as you can see, he already likes to feed a lot.) Poor little baby had a cough, though.

Little Elvis came home from his last day of pre-school before the break with pink eye in both eyes. At least I assume it was pink eye. The doctor's office didn't want us coming near their office, and just let me diagnose him. They called in the prescription, which really frustrated me. My BA in communication did not give me any expertise whatsoever in diagnosing pink eye in my baby.

At least they saw Baby Plum, because I would have been way off on that diagnosis.

Bob and I both battled sinus infections. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I sounded like Rachael Ray. Little Elvis kept telling me to stop whispering.

Thankfully we're all pretty much better now. I'm not nearly as husky voiced and all of my boys sound better as well.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A room fit for a (little) king

Little Elvis' room has been complete for a while. I just never got around to taking photos. Here it is!

My aunt came up with the idea of the road bisecting the room. I used the blue paint from our bedroom and the green from the playroom. Little Elvis LOVES signs as much as he loves cars. The Welcome sign was my idea, and it turned out pretty well.

The valances are courtesy of my mom, my aunt and Bob. My mom bought the cool racing flag border. There wasn't enough to do the entire room. My aunt suggested a sort of wooden valance, and Bob made it happen. It's very cool and certainly makes the room. A different aunt made the Cars themed fleece blanket last year. I picked up the Cars wall hanging at Wal-Mart, thinking it was pillow material.
As you can see, there aren't many cars parked on his custom gray rug parking lot, or in the gray garage behind the traffic cone. Little Elvis prefers to park his cars on our couch in the living room during the day, and along the sides of his bed at night. Oh well.

The train table up top is empty. I made the room too fun, and Little Elvis wasn't napping. So I put the train stuff in his closet. It comes out if he's being a good boy, but goes up before nap and bedtime.

It took a lot of work, and I learned some valuable lessons -- mainly that I should not paint if Little Elvis is awake. He "helped" me, painted green where the street was and then got green all over a favorite shirt of his.

Here are some shots of the playroom. The color is called Sugared Lime. The flooring is actually peel and stick eco-friendly carpet tiles. Our only option was gray, but I think it looks fine with the bright green and blue of the room. The tiles are a low-pile carpet made out of recycled bottles. They are super easy to clean. Bob put them out, and though it took a while, we really like them.
We put alphabet and number decals behind the couch, and Little Elvis loves them. He still says he doesn't like his new house, but when I ask if he likes his play- and bedroom, he stops whining -- sometimes.

Monday, December 14, 2009

On Baby Plum

Wow, do I love this little baby. I had no doubt that I would. I had my doubts that his older brother would love him, and am thrilled that I was wrong... so far.

His bright blue eyes are so shocking to us. My other two men have dark, dark brown eyes. Baby Plum's set him apart.
Baby Plum is the happiest baby. Yes, he cries. But that's pretty much only when he's hungry. He loves to be touched. It seems like his belly button and rib cage are pretty ticklish. He will light up in the most beautiful open mouthed grin if you tickle his tummy or chin. He'll also light up if you change his diaper -- he likes diaper changes and LOVES naked time. He also loves laying flat on his back and kicking. And being held. Baby Plum is a snuggler.

He's been doing such a good job holding his head up that we brought out the Bumbo last week. He's not quite sure what to think about it, but I like giving him a different perspective on the world.

We just adore our new little bundle of sweetness so much. Although little isn't exactly the right word for him. He's a chubby cherub. I hate that it's winter and I can't share his sweet roly poly legs with the world.

I've been terrible on getting his first video edited. Truth be told, I'm worried about trying out the new editing software that comes with this computer. I have his song picked out and have some great footage of him being sweet. It will be my first computer project during the Christmas break!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Little Elvisisms

Little Elvis can be very, very cute. Which is a good thing after 9 days of no naps. He finally took one yesterday and it was a much more pleasant evening for us all.

Last week, our PBS loving son demanded to watch his favorite channel. It was Sunday evening. I knew he wouldn't find cartoons or puppets. Instead we hit upon a telethon featuring a violin virtuoso and John Denver.

Little Elvis was mesmerized by the violin player and immediately said he would ask Santa for a violin. And he did, two days later. He's now back to asking for cars, but Bob was thrilled about this development. Thankfully, Bob has a violin. They can learn to play it together... after Mommy gets some earplugs.

Little Elvis, Baby Plum and I got to spend 3 hours (!) in a tiny patient room at the pediatrician's last week. It was for a scheduled well-baby visit. When the doctor finally came into the room, Little Elvis told her that he didn't like me, and Baby Plum didn't either. Shortly after that little gem, I got the news that Baby Plum and I both had thrush. It was definitely my least favorite doctor visit yet.

For my dad's birthday, we went out to eat. There was a girl behind us also celebrating her birthday. Her mother was taking pictures and telling everyone to say cheese. My little ham said cheese and did his best to get into the pictures. I'm sure that they have a cute little smiler in the background of their pictures.

We are a sneezy bunch. Baby Plum is like his big brother. He sighs after most sneezes. And it's been impossible for me to get video of it! Still, he's a sneezer. The other day he sneezed and I said, "Bless you."

Little Elvis fake sneezed for me and said, "I bless you-ed!"

He's also big on telling me that he "do-ed it." I repeat with the word did, but think do-ed is pretty cute.

Last night, Little Elvis rubbed Bob's stubble and said Daddy had pepper on his chin.

We got his flu booster shots this morning. Little Elvis made a little friend and they danced, spun and ran around until it was our time to go back. At one point, he went and sat down in a chair outside of a cubicle and tried to order a "break" from the window. I guess he thought it was like a drive-thru.

On our way out, he said "bye" to everyone in the waiting room, and then added, "Thank you for helping."

And Little Elvis still loves his baby brother. For a while now he's been saying, "Ova." We've had no clue what he was talking about. It's baby talk. He's been repeating Baby Plum's coos. He sat down by the bouncy the other day and even baby talked to his brother.

One more cute thing, Little Elvis apparently likes pretty blonde women. My cousin's wife brought her daughter over the other day to play with Little Elvis. Her daughter wasn't into Little Elvis, but that didn't matter. He was more interested in her mother anyway. He kept sitting in her lap and petting her arm. Silly boy.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Bad Mommy

Is there anything cuter than a baby pout?
It took me several (maybe 20?) shots to get this pout. And it's not a true pout. Baby Plum crinkles his little forehead when he's really upset with me. That's reserved for times when he's really, really hungry.

My mom said it was mean, but most of my shots are some version of a smile/happy face. So I'm not too awful, right?

Thursday, December 03, 2009

We're back in business

It's been a long time since I could post pictures, and they've really been piling up. This happens when you have two super cute little boys.

When Little Elvis was still an infant, one of my mom's friend's husbands made this for him. He's big enough to ride this beautiful horse now and has named it Russell. We're not really sure where the name came from, but were impressed with the choice.

I think Fall might be Little Elvis' favorite time of the year.

This is his loot from one of our walks. I think he picked up 5 leaves and one twig.

Baby Plum is a lot more alert these days. His smile is beautiful.

I love this outfit. The same friend whose husband makes beautiful gliding horses also has great taste in baby outfits. This one is super snuggly and has little ears. I LOVE outfits and hats with ears. Love them!

When Little Elvis was an infant he wouldn't let us get him anywhere near a swing. He loathed them. We borrowed one from my aunt for Baby Plum. But Little Elvis wouldn't leave it alone if his brother was in it, and I decided not to risk it. Now my big baby has taken it over. He loves the swing. He wants to sit in it and watch PBS Kids. We have to get this thing back to my aunt before he destroys it.

We had a playgroup over to our house two Monday's ago. Bob had the week off and was the entertainment. He played 4 weather songs for the older kids. Little Elvis was NOT happy about that. He just really hates live music, especially if his daddy is playing. I think I will write more about this at some point. I believe he really likes music, but he's got a very odd relationship with it.

Baby Plum on the first day of hunting season.

Baby Plum napping. He looks like a little doll in this picture.
Baby Plum gets my dad to join him for a nap. My dad's stomach is one of his favorite places.
Here's his smile. He's a very sweet little baby. He's also a very big eater.
He's showing off his chest in this picture. Girls better watch out! (There are two little girls in the playgroup that are about the same age as Baby Plum. He's already been putting the moves on them. I have super cute pics of all three of them, but wasn't sure if their mothers wanted their pics put out there. Baby Plum is a Mac Daddy, though.)
Bob up late working on his Masters. Baby Plum was a big helper.
Here are my boys together. Little Elvis just loves his little brother. We have to keep him away sometimes.
Trying to get a Christmas card picture.
This look by Little Elvis is fairly common. I'm not sure why he does it, but it's cute. Maybe I wasn't giving him clear directions...

Getting them to both look at the camera with their eyes open wasn't the easiest task. Our Christmas cards will be pretty interesting this year.