Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Little Elvisisms

Little Elvis can be very, very cute. Which is a good thing after 9 days of no naps. He finally took one yesterday and it was a much more pleasant evening for us all.

Last week, our PBS loving son demanded to watch his favorite channel. It was Sunday evening. I knew he wouldn't find cartoons or puppets. Instead we hit upon a telethon featuring a violin virtuoso and John Denver.

Little Elvis was mesmerized by the violin player and immediately said he would ask Santa for a violin. And he did, two days later. He's now back to asking for cars, but Bob was thrilled about this development. Thankfully, Bob has a violin. They can learn to play it together... after Mommy gets some earplugs.

Little Elvis, Baby Plum and I got to spend 3 hours (!) in a tiny patient room at the pediatrician's last week. It was for a scheduled well-baby visit. When the doctor finally came into the room, Little Elvis told her that he didn't like me, and Baby Plum didn't either. Shortly after that little gem, I got the news that Baby Plum and I both had thrush. It was definitely my least favorite doctor visit yet.

For my dad's birthday, we went out to eat. There was a girl behind us also celebrating her birthday. Her mother was taking pictures and telling everyone to say cheese. My little ham said cheese and did his best to get into the pictures. I'm sure that they have a cute little smiler in the background of their pictures.

We are a sneezy bunch. Baby Plum is like his big brother. He sighs after most sneezes. And it's been impossible for me to get video of it! Still, he's a sneezer. The other day he sneezed and I said, "Bless you."

Little Elvis fake sneezed for me and said, "I bless you-ed!"

He's also big on telling me that he "do-ed it." I repeat with the word did, but think do-ed is pretty cute.

Last night, Little Elvis rubbed Bob's stubble and said Daddy had pepper on his chin.

We got his flu booster shots this morning. Little Elvis made a little friend and they danced, spun and ran around until it was our time to go back. At one point, he went and sat down in a chair outside of a cubicle and tried to order a "break" from the window. I guess he thought it was like a drive-thru.

On our way out, he said "bye" to everyone in the waiting room, and then added, "Thank you for helping."

And Little Elvis still loves his baby brother. For a while now he's been saying, "Ova." We've had no clue what he was talking about. It's baby talk. He's been repeating Baby Plum's coos. He sat down by the bouncy the other day and even baby talked to his brother.

One more cute thing, Little Elvis apparently likes pretty blonde women. My cousin's wife brought her daughter over the other day to play with Little Elvis. Her daughter wasn't into Little Elvis, but that didn't matter. He was more interested in her mother anyway. He kept sitting in her lap and petting her arm. Silly boy.


Blogger Kristi said...

I love his hair and his "isms." How ambitious that he wants to play the violin. Perhaps I should show Isabella some John Denver.

11:19 PM  
Blogger lisa said...

Oh, they start so early don't they!

10:34 AM  

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