Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feeling better

All of us are feeling better now. Little Elvis still has ear medicine to take, but he doesn't wake up saying, "I hurt. I'm sick." He's good at being pitiful, but I much prefer him being active and hyper.
"How cool is my daddy?" Bob's classes did experiments to see how many helium balloons it took to float different objects. He brought the balloons home that evening. Sixteen balloons easily floated Little Elvis' pink Disney castle...
... and his hair. Also his spirits. He was SO excited!
We've been working on getting dressed. He put his undies on all by himself.
This pretty much sums up Baby Plum's feelings about cereal. But we're working on it. He did a much better job last night.
He likes going for walks with Daddy, though.
Wearing cute tow truck overalls for Mommy.
But most of all, he likes his feet!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is not good to me either and either!

Little Elvis has an ear infection. It popped up around midnight last night, and I took him to the pediatrician this morning.

My usually hyper, loud little boy was very somber this morning. Once we got into our private room, he climbed into my lap and we all napped (Baby Plum in his carseat.)

The doctor was surprised that he's only had one other infection, and that it just popped up last night. I knew it had to be bad, because he's never been so adament for such an extended period about any pains.

They tested him for the flu as well by swabbing his nose. He told the nurse, "This is not good to me, either and either!" He loves to throw in an either whenever he wants to get a point across. Two eithers means he's very serious.

It took quite a while for his prescription to get filled (computer or internet error) and he kept going to the pharmacist window to say, "I sick. I sick."

Poor little boy. I really enjoyed holding my feverish little napper at the doctor's office, though. I can't remember the last time he slept in my lap. He has the most beautiful, long, black eyelashes. And a sweet little freckle on the tip of his nose. I know he has these, but I enjoyed re-discovering them this morning.

His medicine is already doing some good -- he's napping right now. None of us were able to sleep much last night because his ear hurt so much.

Monday, February 22, 2010

This is not good to me

Sometimes you have to ask for help. Even if you have no idea what's really wrong.

With both boys, I'm tempted to call the doctor (or consult Dr. Google) over minor things. This isn't the case with my health.

It hurts to feed Baby Plum. He eats all the time, and has been gnawing. I assumed this caused the sores. Yeah, sores. I've been using Baby Anbesol before each feeding, and it wasn't working. It's the second time this has happened.

On Friday I called my doctor's office to get the number of a lactation consultant. She was very friendly, and informed me that Baby Plum's thrush (and my thrush) had never really been healed. And although his mouth isn't white, his throat probably is. My thrush has escalated, hence the sores.

I now have a stronger prescription, and have renewed Baby Plum's medication as well. I also have a 10 step process to go through when feeding. Which frustrates Baby Plum to no end.

On top of this, Baby Plum does not like rice cereal. We've been trying and working with him. Sometimes he won't even open his mouth. But last night, he seemed to get the hang of it, and enjoyed the process more.

Little Elvis, takes pain about like his Mommy, and he's just as clumsy. He cries when he hurts himself. He tells me he does not like the hurt, and asks me to take it away.

When it's really painful, he'll say, "This is not good to me!" I think that about sums up my feelings on these sores.

The medicine and new program are working. Hopefully I'll be sore free by the end of the week... just in time for those teeth to pop through!

Here are my two big boys. Little Elvis just loves to hold his brother's hands.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Teddy bear day

Monday was teddy bear day at pre-school. Little Elvis was supposed to bring his teddy bear. Only problem? Little Elvis does NOT like teddy bears. How do I know? He tells me this daily.

It wasn't always this way. Up until we moved into the new house, he was ambivalent towards teddy bears. He simply didn't care about them.

Then, I had to go and decorate his baby brother's room in teddy bears. (By decorate, I mean I hung up a cute teddy bear quilt and put all of the teddy bears that Little Elvis doesn't care for on top of the dresser.)

This action led Little Elvis to shun teddy bears. Whenever I go to change Baby Plum in his room, Little Elvis follows me, tells me he doesn't like teddy bears and throws some on the floor.

When Baby Plum wears teddy bear outfits or bibs, Little Elvis loudly reminds me that HE doesn't like teddy bears. I simply tell him that I do and go about my business.

So, obviously, Little Elvis was not bringing a teddy bear to teddy bear day. Instead, I sent him off with his stuffed fire truck that he sleeps with every night. I told him to tell his teacher that he sleeps with his firetruck every night. He didn't.

His teacher (who I'm sure is very nice) didn't make any comment to me as she walked Little Elvis out on Monday. She usually tells me what he's done wrong, or doesn't say anything. So, I guessed he wasn't too bad.

There was a little worksheet in his bag that I pulled out when we got home. It's been hung on the fridge and makes me giggle whenever I pass by it.

The first line:

My name is __Little Elvis__. My teddy bear's name is __fire truck__.
I have __brown__ eyes. My teddy bear has __yellow__ eyes. (the headlights)
I have __blonde__ hair. My teddy bear has __red__ hair.
I like to __________ with my teddy bear.

See? He didn't tell her that he sleeps with firetruck every night.

This poor teacher just keeps getting more and more reasons to not like us. I guess I should have tried to explain that he's not a fan of teddy bears, but I didn't. I was tired. He can't be the first child who didn't like teddy bears. Oh well.

Before we left on Monday morning, I took a picture of Little Elvis with MY favorite teddy bear.
But didn't think either boy would appreciate it if Baby Plum had to go to the class as well.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Little Elvis loves to repeat everything he hears -- including the sounds that come out of Baby Plum's mouth.

Last night, Baby Plum was sitting in his Bumbo, chattering up a storm. Little Elvis began copying him. He kept saying, "He says "eh-oh-weh."
Baby Plum loves his thumb. His hands are also pretty tasty, as are everyone else's hands.
What? This isn't the face of a little baby who wouldn't let me put him down yesterday is it? No, can't be. This isn't the sweet little baby who reached glass breaking levels with his screams. Certainly not.
I'm hiding my awful hair behind a cute baby boy.
Baby Plum is really into his exersaucer. He's not impressed with the doorway jumper yet. But he will play in the exersaucer for several minutes at a time... unless his big brother is picking on him.

Monday, February 15, 2010

We're having a party!

Our birthday/Valentine party bonanza week went pretty well. Little Elvis keeps demanding presents and sweets, but hopefully that will slow down as this regular week progresses.

His birthday party was fairly low-key. I had requested that his friends not bring presents. We just got out of Christmas and he seriously didn't need anything. Plus, I knew that family would be spoiling him (but in no way did the gifts WE give him spoil him...)

A fun time was had by all. Little Elvis loved showing off his playroom and bedroom, and watching how his friends played with his toys. They all had fun.

And they enjoyed popcorn! My father has a theatre style popcorn maker that he brought over. We served popcorn, cupcakes and cookies.

For party favors, I made little aprons with pockets to hold crayons (or anything small) and put Cars trinkets in them.
We were so proud of Little Elvis. He behaved really well and seemed to have a great time. He said several times, "We're having a party! We're having a party!"
We didn't get to sing "Happy Birthday." He still cries over it.

We had to take the candle away from him, because he kept trying to eat it.I found these cute little Cars lollipop rings to put on the cupcakes. Little Elvis ate two of them in record time.He didn't miss the presents at all. Although he did get one after everyone left. But not because his parents like to spoil him or anything!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love this boy

Little Elvis has been a very big part of our lives for three years now. At some points time just flew by, and at others it went a little more slowly.

It's been a huge year for Little Elvis -- he began saying lots of words, entered the terrible twos (and there have been times when they were truly terrible), fell in deeper in love with cars, was potty-trained, moved across the country, began speaking in sentences, became a big brother, started pre-school, moved into his new house, and has gotten even better at expressing himself.

The twos weren't always easy. But there were so many bright spots that dull the memories of the huge fits.

Little Elvis is truly a sweet little boy. He loves hugs, and will kiss and hug on us often. He tells us he loves us, which I just adore. He tells me he misses me, even when I never left (fairly certain he's misunderstood that word.) He loves his baby brother... for the most part.

He's so smart. His memory astounds us. He has lots of cars, and he leaves them all over the house. But there's a method to his madness. He knows where he put them and can find, or tell us where they are -- unless I've moved them.

Current likes: grilled cheeses, corn, juice, gummy bears, cars, balloons, Disney Castle (pink plastic house he found somewhere, it is also now the balloon house,) tickling, jumping, playing outside, pre-school, nursery, anything sweet and pre-packaged and full of bad for him stuff, and a stuffed red firetruck, making letters out of our fingers, Sam's.

Dislikes: the word 'no,' time-outs, waiting for his grilled cheese to cook, Wally, water, anything having to do with Mickey Mouse, nap and bed time.

He opened most of his presents this afternoon once Daddy got home. We shot video so Grandpa Stew and Grandma Shan can see what a hit they were.

As you can see, he racked up. We've already watched "Up" and re-enacted some balloon house scenes with the balloon he requested (demanded) at Chick-fil-A.

The Lincoln Logs were from my parents. Those were a gift for Daddy, too, I believe. He's enjoying building the city and Little Elvis enjoyed trying to make the buildings balloon houses.


What a silly little boy! Daddy took this of Little Elvis during the Super Bowl. Though he was wearing Peyton Manning's number on his football jersey, Little Elvis decided to cheer for the white team (the Saints.)

We celebrated Little Elvis' third birthday with a trip to the doctor's office. Little Elvis was thrilled to go somewhere. (As soon as I get him dressed in the morning, he's ready to go somewhere, he doesn't really care where.) He had fun for the most part (no shots for him -- Baby Plum had to get three.)
The doctor was surprised about the pre-school issue and the test. I still haven't heard back from them. They will be sick of me by the end of the week. I'm good at pestering folks.
Little Elvis hasn't gotten any of his presents yet, because I wanted Daddy to be here for that. We're going out for dinner this evening. (Total aside, I got the absolute worst hair cut yesterday and just want to crawl under a rock and hide, and not go out in public. It's awful. All of my boys still love me though and Little Elvis told me I was cute several times today. I'm not.)
I plan to do a more eloquent post tonight about the sweet little boy that he is becoming. He's so loving and curious and determined (especially where lollipops are concerned.)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Picture catch-up

Little Elvis will be a big three-year-old tomorrow. I'll recap about how much he's grown tomorrow (hopefully.) Today I'm just going to play catch-up with some pictures.

We went to the Home Depot kids workshop last weekend. I know it says these are geared for 5-10 year-olds, but one of the Home Depot workers told me that any age was welcome. This was a lot of fun, and it's a great program. Little Elvis mainly munched on his lollipop while Daddy did the actual construction. It was still a fun time. We plan to go back next month.

Posing for a picture in their matching red vests and layered t-shirts.

Little Elvis' new "Watchoo talkin' bout Mommy?" look. Baby Plum just wants an adult to hold him.
Little Elvis wanted to snuggle with his baby brother before naptime. Baby Plum must have thought I was going to leave him there. If you can't tell, he's not happy.
In a short drive from my grandparents' house, both boys fell asleep. It was so sweet.
Neither one of them looks comfortable.
Little Elvis is in a "Let's call this X" phase. He brought the grapefruit and orange in to the playroom the other morning and said, "Let's call these money." I like how he thinks. He also likes to call cups fishtanks and shredded mini-wheats cakes.

I love Baby Plum's expression here. Sometimes he laughs and smiles at his brother. Other times just the sight of Little Elvis makes him cry. Phrases I've had to say to Little Elvis: "Do not lick your brother." "Do not sit on your brother." "Do not use those toy pliers on your brother." "Do not poke his eyes!" "Do not put the Bumbo on top of your brother!"

It's fun.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A week of parties

This is the week of parties for Little Elvis! He turns three on Thursday. Since his pre-school class is having a Valentine's party on Wednesday, I brought cupcakes for his birthday on Monday.

He requested blue pupcakes (how cute is that?), and although my cupcakes turned out kind of green --note to self: buy white cake mix if planning to use food coloring -- the icing was a pretty shade of light blue.

The celebration was kind of anti-climactic. Little Elvis still HATES "Happy Birthday" and he refused to wear the crown. I always thought it was that the song was kind of melancholy, but I'm wondering if he gets overwhelmed with too much attention. Though he loves it at home, maybe he doesn't love it from a crowd?

He enjoyed his icing. And I left after a few minutes, because he wasn't going to actually eat his "pupcake" and I think I was distracting to him. I know that Baby Plum and I were a distraction for the rest of the class.

Little Elvis was evaluated on Friday morning. Someone cancelled late Thursday evening, so they squeezed us in. Yay us. The woman who did the testing was very nice. She was concerned about some social skills, but wasn't worried about language. She wouldn't say much else, though. She wanted to talk to Little Elvis' preschool teacher first. Since we were a last minute schedule, the audiologist and physical therapist weren't there. He will have to be evaluated by them later. (The physical therapist just needs to watch him run on his tiptoes I guess.)

I still haven't heard anything (and neither had the teacher by Monday afternoon) but I put in a call this morning. Hopefully she can tell me her thoughts today and we can get the ball rolling if he needs to schedule times to go to the clinic.

Anyway, Little Elvis' preschool Valentine's party is tomorrow. I'm part of the planning duo for this party, so I'm going to be there (another chance to observe him in a classroom setting.) The little goody bags are done and I'm making something called sweetheart jamwiches -- a recipe I saw in our paper a couple of weeks ago.

On Thursday our little man turns three! We're planning to take him somewhere special for dinner (this means Sam's, McDonalds or Chick-fil-A) and his birthday party is on Saturday.

We will all be sick of sweets by the end of this week!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Stormin' Bob music video time!

Now that I'm getting used to the new editing software, expect more of them! This video was shot last year, and edited last year. The death of my old computer happened before I could put it up. Oh well.

Cameo commentary from songwriter Bob --
Since I have been a student, teacher and weather forecaster, I have seen snow days from all sides (even from the side of the parent, as Little Elvis has had a snow day from preschool this year). I wrote this song from the perspective of the hopeful child, going to bed with dreams of a day off, waking up early to listen to the school closings just to be able to go back to bed. I hope you catch the "Let it Snow" melody in the harmonica break.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

How do you not cry at a parent/teacher conference

Little Elvis will be a big 3-year-old in a week. It's amazing how much he's grown and accomplished since last year.

The twos, they were not always easy around here. But we've seen glimpses of the threes and are optimistic.

Bob and I were talking last week about how much we like the little guy that Little Elvis is becoming. He's funny, silly, sweet, extremely loving, smart, demanding and stubborn as all get-out.

He's full of hugs, loves and kisses. Every night he expects (demands) that I snuggle with him. He wants to snuggle in his bed and "talk about the day."

Little Elvis will usually tell me at least once a day that he loves me. It's not in response to my telling him. He will just feel the need to come up, hug me and say, "I love you."

On Monday I had a parent-teacher conference with his pre-school teacher. He's not even three.

I went in expecting them to tell me about my bad parenting -- did he repeat a word I shouldn't have said in front of him?

Instead they presented me with a list of his "quirks." Some of the things were things I think every preschooler does -- he's impulsive and repeats himself.

Some things we've been working on -- he's quite the close talker with other kids.

One thing we assumed he inherited from his Daddy -- walking on his toes sometimes.

And three things we had never noticed -- he stays in his own world, doesn't make eye contact and will hold things and stare off into space.

Lots of issues immediately jumped into my head and I teared up. They said they think he's language delayed and I need to get him tested so they can start to "fix" him before these habits set in. (They didn't say fix, but that's what they meant.)

Little Elvis often engages us in conversation, and he does with other people as well. And the only time he won't make eye contact with me is when I'm scolding him. I don't even know what to say about the final thing. He's never done that around us.

Little Elvis is speaking in sentences now and using the correct tense and proper words a lot of the time. We are so proud of his accomplishments.

I've made the recommended calls and they are going to get us an appointment when they can fit us in. My parents think it's bunk. I talked to Little Elvis' nursery teacher at church. She doesn't think anything is wrong, either, though she did say he was high-strung. She had also never witnessed some of the issues.

We plan on getting him tested. I know his preschool teachers know a whole lot more about this stuff than we do, and I respect that.

Every night this week at bed, we're not only talking about the day (and not getting so close to people we don't know.) I'm also telling him how proud I am of him. What a good boy he is. How smart he is. How sweet he is.

He's heard these things before, but not always at night, when it's quiet and dark. When he's not distracted by toys or books or his brother.

Little Elvis is an amazing little boy and I want to make sure he knows it.