Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Little Elvis loves to repeat everything he hears -- including the sounds that come out of Baby Plum's mouth.

Last night, Baby Plum was sitting in his Bumbo, chattering up a storm. Little Elvis began copying him. He kept saying, "He says "eh-oh-weh."
Baby Plum loves his thumb. His hands are also pretty tasty, as are everyone else's hands.
What? This isn't the face of a little baby who wouldn't let me put him down yesterday is it? No, can't be. This isn't the sweet little baby who reached glass breaking levels with his screams. Certainly not.
I'm hiding my awful hair behind a cute baby boy.
Baby Plum is really into his exersaucer. He's not impressed with the doorway jumper yet. But he will play in the exersaucer for several minutes at a time... unless his big brother is picking on him.


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