Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love this boy

Little Elvis has been a very big part of our lives for three years now. At some points time just flew by, and at others it went a little more slowly.

It's been a huge year for Little Elvis -- he began saying lots of words, entered the terrible twos (and there have been times when they were truly terrible), fell in deeper in love with cars, was potty-trained, moved across the country, began speaking in sentences, became a big brother, started pre-school, moved into his new house, and has gotten even better at expressing himself.

The twos weren't always easy. But there were so many bright spots that dull the memories of the huge fits.

Little Elvis is truly a sweet little boy. He loves hugs, and will kiss and hug on us often. He tells us he loves us, which I just adore. He tells me he misses me, even when I never left (fairly certain he's misunderstood that word.) He loves his baby brother... for the most part.

He's so smart. His memory astounds us. He has lots of cars, and he leaves them all over the house. But there's a method to his madness. He knows where he put them and can find, or tell us where they are -- unless I've moved them.

Current likes: grilled cheeses, corn, juice, gummy bears, cars, balloons, Disney Castle (pink plastic house he found somewhere, it is also now the balloon house,) tickling, jumping, playing outside, pre-school, nursery, anything sweet and pre-packaged and full of bad for him stuff, and a stuffed red firetruck, making letters out of our fingers, Sam's.

Dislikes: the word 'no,' time-outs, waiting for his grilled cheese to cook, Wally, water, anything having to do with Mickey Mouse, nap and bed time.

He opened most of his presents this afternoon once Daddy got home. We shot video so Grandpa Stew and Grandma Shan can see what a hit they were.

As you can see, he racked up. We've already watched "Up" and re-enacted some balloon house scenes with the balloon he requested (demanded) at Chick-fil-A.

The Lincoln Logs were from my parents. Those were a gift for Daddy, too, I believe. He's enjoying building the city and Little Elvis enjoyed trying to make the buildings balloon houses.


Blogger Gucci Mama said...

What a cute little guy! Three is a fun year. ;)

3:10 PM  
Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

Ahhhh. Three!!!
Congratulations, Little Elvis.

To the mommy & the daddy: you've heard that 3 is worse than 2, right?
{it was certainly more challenging for us! so consider yourselves warned.}

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks & sounds as if our little
boy had a great birthday. Wish we could have been there. Thanks for making a video for us. Lincoln Logs have really changed. D.J. & Bob will really have fun w/them.
I've tried to leave comments before
but didn't know how. Did you know the car case has a double car launch on the top? We wondered if
you didn't want D.J. to know that.
Love, Gramma Shan

8:39 PM  

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