Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Picture catch-up

Little Elvis will be a big three-year-old tomorrow. I'll recap about how much he's grown tomorrow (hopefully.) Today I'm just going to play catch-up with some pictures.

We went to the Home Depot kids workshop last weekend. I know it says these are geared for 5-10 year-olds, but one of the Home Depot workers told me that any age was welcome. This was a lot of fun, and it's a great program. Little Elvis mainly munched on his lollipop while Daddy did the actual construction. It was still a fun time. We plan to go back next month.

Posing for a picture in their matching red vests and layered t-shirts.

Little Elvis' new "Watchoo talkin' bout Mommy?" look. Baby Plum just wants an adult to hold him.
Little Elvis wanted to snuggle with his baby brother before naptime. Baby Plum must have thought I was going to leave him there. If you can't tell, he's not happy.
In a short drive from my grandparents' house, both boys fell asleep. It was so sweet.
Neither one of them looks comfortable.
Little Elvis is in a "Let's call this X" phase. He brought the grapefruit and orange in to the playroom the other morning and said, "Let's call these money." I like how he thinks. He also likes to call cups fishtanks and shredded mini-wheats cakes.

I love Baby Plum's expression here. Sometimes he laughs and smiles at his brother. Other times just the sight of Little Elvis makes him cry. Phrases I've had to say to Little Elvis: "Do not lick your brother." "Do not sit on your brother." "Do not use those toy pliers on your brother." "Do not poke his eyes!" "Do not put the Bumbo on top of your brother!"

It's fun.


Blogger mpotter said...

i enjoyed the cute pics....
but omg you had me at the last paragraph!

sounds like fun.

three!!! weee!!!

7:57 PM  
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