Thursday, February 18, 2010

Teddy bear day

Monday was teddy bear day at pre-school. Little Elvis was supposed to bring his teddy bear. Only problem? Little Elvis does NOT like teddy bears. How do I know? He tells me this daily.

It wasn't always this way. Up until we moved into the new house, he was ambivalent towards teddy bears. He simply didn't care about them.

Then, I had to go and decorate his baby brother's room in teddy bears. (By decorate, I mean I hung up a cute teddy bear quilt and put all of the teddy bears that Little Elvis doesn't care for on top of the dresser.)

This action led Little Elvis to shun teddy bears. Whenever I go to change Baby Plum in his room, Little Elvis follows me, tells me he doesn't like teddy bears and throws some on the floor.

When Baby Plum wears teddy bear outfits or bibs, Little Elvis loudly reminds me that HE doesn't like teddy bears. I simply tell him that I do and go about my business.

So, obviously, Little Elvis was not bringing a teddy bear to teddy bear day. Instead, I sent him off with his stuffed fire truck that he sleeps with every night. I told him to tell his teacher that he sleeps with his firetruck every night. He didn't.

His teacher (who I'm sure is very nice) didn't make any comment to me as she walked Little Elvis out on Monday. She usually tells me what he's done wrong, or doesn't say anything. So, I guessed he wasn't too bad.

There was a little worksheet in his bag that I pulled out when we got home. It's been hung on the fridge and makes me giggle whenever I pass by it.

The first line:

My name is __Little Elvis__. My teddy bear's name is __fire truck__.
I have __brown__ eyes. My teddy bear has __yellow__ eyes. (the headlights)
I have __blonde__ hair. My teddy bear has __red__ hair.
I like to __________ with my teddy bear.

See? He didn't tell her that he sleeps with firetruck every night.

This poor teacher just keeps getting more and more reasons to not like us. I guess I should have tried to explain that he's not a fan of teddy bears, but I didn't. I was tired. He can't be the first child who didn't like teddy bears. Oh well.

Before we left on Monday morning, I took a picture of Little Elvis with MY favorite teddy bear.
But didn't think either boy would appreciate it if Baby Plum had to go to the class as well.