Thursday, February 11, 2010


What a silly little boy! Daddy took this of Little Elvis during the Super Bowl. Though he was wearing Peyton Manning's number on his football jersey, Little Elvis decided to cheer for the white team (the Saints.)

We celebrated Little Elvis' third birthday with a trip to the doctor's office. Little Elvis was thrilled to go somewhere. (As soon as I get him dressed in the morning, he's ready to go somewhere, he doesn't really care where.) He had fun for the most part (no shots for him -- Baby Plum had to get three.)
The doctor was surprised about the pre-school issue and the test. I still haven't heard back from them. They will be sick of me by the end of the week. I'm good at pestering folks.
Little Elvis hasn't gotten any of his presents yet, because I wanted Daddy to be here for that. We're going out for dinner this evening. (Total aside, I got the absolute worst hair cut yesterday and just want to crawl under a rock and hide, and not go out in public. It's awful. All of my boys still love me though and Little Elvis told me I was cute several times today. I'm not.)
I plan to do a more eloquent post tonight about the sweet little boy that he is becoming. He's so loving and curious and determined (especially where lollipops are concerned.)


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