Monday, February 15, 2010

We're having a party!

Our birthday/Valentine party bonanza week went pretty well. Little Elvis keeps demanding presents and sweets, but hopefully that will slow down as this regular week progresses.

His birthday party was fairly low-key. I had requested that his friends not bring presents. We just got out of Christmas and he seriously didn't need anything. Plus, I knew that family would be spoiling him (but in no way did the gifts WE give him spoil him...)

A fun time was had by all. Little Elvis loved showing off his playroom and bedroom, and watching how his friends played with his toys. They all had fun.

And they enjoyed popcorn! My father has a theatre style popcorn maker that he brought over. We served popcorn, cupcakes and cookies.

For party favors, I made little aprons with pockets to hold crayons (or anything small) and put Cars trinkets in them.
We were so proud of Little Elvis. He behaved really well and seemed to have a great time. He said several times, "We're having a party! We're having a party!"
We didn't get to sing "Happy Birthday." He still cries over it.

We had to take the candle away from him, because he kept trying to eat it.I found these cute little Cars lollipop rings to put on the cupcakes. Little Elvis ate two of them in record time.He didn't miss the presents at all. Although he did get one after everyone left. But not because his parents like to spoil him or anything!


Blogger JM said...

Looks like a good time! And those little aprons are such a cute idea, and useful :). Glad Little Elvis enjoyed turning 3.

1:22 AM  

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