Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My new favorite picture

How cute are these boys? This photo suits them so well. Little Elvis smiling and holding his brother's hand (and a lizard), and Baby Plum sucking on a toe. They are both doing favorite things in this photo.
This is what Baby Plum's feet look like most days. He will not leave his right sock for any reason. I've tried smaller, tighter socks. Longer, looser ones. He manages to get them all off. And can even throw them some distance out of his car seat. I can't wait for warm weather when I can just leave his little tootsies bare.
Practice shot. When I was in high school, the soccer team would always look to the side in their pictures. I have no idea why. I'm sure it meant something. This photo reminds me of those pictures.

Baby Plum looks like he's plotting an escape. Probably so he can have his hand back and grab at his right sock. See how Little Elvis is always holding his hand. Little Elvis loves to hold his brother's hand.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Vote for Bob!

I've been terrible at posting this week. Excuses? Kitchen's not done and I want to get it pretty on at least one angle so I can take a picture. Baby Plum is now 6 months old (he really is!) and isn't into sleeping (much like his older brother.) I've been selling some of our attic finds on ebay and selling stuff at a local mom's sale. Bob's teaching a night class now through the rest of the semester. And I'm just tired. While I love Spring and the warmth in the air, my allergies do not. It always takes me a couple of weeks to adjust to each season change.

Still, I need to do better.

Anyway, last week we entered a video of Bob teaching into a PBS innovative teaching contest. It's now live on their site and open to the public.

This is the link - please vote for him! It shows him using music, balloons and a coke can to teach science.

It's really easy, just click play, and then click "I like!"

Thank you for your help.

Monday, March 22, 2010

We're all related

We are working on teaching Little Elvis his last name, our full names and our phone number. The last name has really stuck with him, and it pops up in the funniest places.

For fun's sake, I'm going to say our last name is Presley. (It's not, but it goes with Little Elvis and Baby Plum Presley has a nice ring to it as well.)

We went to eat breakfast with the Easter Bunny two weekends ago. Last year, Little Elvis was terrified. This year, he was much more open-minded about it.

When the bunny made his appearance, Bob asked Little Elvis who it was. Little Elvis said it was a bunny. Bob said what was his full name. Little Elvis replied, "Bunny Presley."

We took one day off from our remodel over Spring Break to go to my parents' cabin and visit my father. There's a big bear rug at the cabin. It's real. It's never bothered Little Elvis before, but he was a little scared of it this time.

After we got him to warm up to the bear just a little, he told us that the bear's name was "Mr. Bear Presley."
Then, he decided to feed it a hat.

Baby Plum liked the bear much more than Little Elvis did. I'm pretty sure he's trying to figure out how to get that ear into his mouth in this picture.

My mom took Little Elvis back up to the cabin a couple of days later so we could get a little more work done and he could enjoy playing outside. They went fishing and he caught three fish. He named the first fish "Mr. Sam Presley."

After he got back, we were working on teaching him names. He's decided that the best thing to do when asked about a name is to tack on our last name. He's named my parents Gram and Coachpa Presley. My grandparents also have a new surname. You guessed it. It's Presley.

He's a fun little guy.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Go big, or go home

I am one of those people who does dramatic things, because what's the point of doing something small?

The best example is my hair. Though I currently hate it, (it's a cross between this and this... seriously, and is in no way like the picture I took in.) I did it. My hair was long, and I wanted a change. Why get an inch chopped off when I can get a completely different look? I guess I like to get my money's worth... even if I sometimes don't like the results.

Luckily, Bob seems to have my mindset, or at least he tolerates it.

We bought our fixer-upper house with the intention of truly making it ours. And a coat of paint just wouldn't do.

Since we had just had Baby Plum, and school was in full-swing, we've had to take our time about getting to our big projects.

Bob and my dad attacked the boys' bathroom over Thanksgiving and Christmas. They gutted it, and the only original item is the cast-iron tub.

It's Spring Break for us this week, and Bob and I have started re-doing our kitchen. When I say we, I mean Bob. With two little ones (one of whom wants to eat and be held all the time) I'm not much help.

And this is not a slap up some paint job. No, while we aren't changing things structurally, we are making HUGE changes.

When we bought the house, the kitchen had lovely dark paneling, dark wood cabinets, peeling linoleum floors, an odd layout, flourescent lights (like you see in a school) and an odd cow border featuring cows with tiny heads and huge rectangular bodies.

We aren't finished -- and won't totally be for a while --but our kitchen is already a lot different. Once we get the cabinet doors back up, the ceiling patched (oh yeah -- Bob's re-wiring, too!), and the pots and pans put away, then I'll post some mostly after pics.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What makes us happy...

Baby Plum: No diaper!
Little Elvis: Wearing his "King" robe.

Daddy: A sunny day at the park with the family.

Mommy: A sleeping baby...

...and a baby who has decided that oatmeal is tasty! He cried between each bite, because he wasn't getting it quickly enough. Hooray!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Darn cats

"Hey, you! Get outta my bed!"

"This bassinet's not big enough for the both of us."
The cats have chosen sides.
Slappy is a Baby Plum fan, while Wally likes Little Elvis.
Wally wouldn't stay out of Little Elvis' crib when he was little. Now, he spends most afternoons snuggled up at the foot of Little Elvis' bed. Little Elvis currently isn't a fan, though they used to be big buddies. We made a music video about their friendship.

Slappy will not stay out of the bassinet. One night I had to wake up and fuss at her to keep her from joining a finally sleeping Baby Plum. She also tries to share my lap with him and the computer when I feed.

Ring the Gack

On the way home from pre-school last week, Little Elvis said, "Let's go home and play a game called 'Ring the Gack." Pretty much quoting a line from, "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish," one of his favorite books.

Once we got home, I pulled out the base of his flashing stoplight (we have no idea where the light is) and some vintage plastic bracelets we found in the attic last week.

It worked.
Baby Plum was impressed with our new game. He's really enjoying watching his big brother these days. Little Elvis is happy about this, he helped me catch the smile on camera.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Interesting discoveries

Bob made some interesting discoveries in our attic this week -- a whole bunch of vintage things! Lots of cool dresses, costumes, books, magazines, toys, purses, and lots of other things.
The toys are most likely from the 50s, while most of the clothes seem to be from the 4os, 60s, and 70s. There are two navy coats from WW2 (seriously!) that are in decent condition. The magazines are mainly from the 60s.

We've got several pieces of clothing, some purses, lots of paper dolls, lots of vinyl album covers (big Elvis fan -- no surprise here!) some old dolls that look really bad -- along with doll accessories, some old games, several old books, and lots of issues of teen-ish magazines. There's also an old bow and 4 arrows and a few pieces of costume jewelry.

I plan on keeping at least two wool suit jackets for myself (from the 40s -- I love peplums!) and am desperately trying clean a really pretty cotton eyelet dress, but want to sell most of the other stuff. Probably going to attempt ebay, though my luck there isn't great.

Any suggestions on what to do with our loot?