Friday, March 19, 2010

Go big, or go home

I am one of those people who does dramatic things, because what's the point of doing something small?

The best example is my hair. Though I currently hate it, (it's a cross between this and this... seriously, and is in no way like the picture I took in.) I did it. My hair was long, and I wanted a change. Why get an inch chopped off when I can get a completely different look? I guess I like to get my money's worth... even if I sometimes don't like the results.

Luckily, Bob seems to have my mindset, or at least he tolerates it.

We bought our fixer-upper house with the intention of truly making it ours. And a coat of paint just wouldn't do.

Since we had just had Baby Plum, and school was in full-swing, we've had to take our time about getting to our big projects.

Bob and my dad attacked the boys' bathroom over Thanksgiving and Christmas. They gutted it, and the only original item is the cast-iron tub.

It's Spring Break for us this week, and Bob and I have started re-doing our kitchen. When I say we, I mean Bob. With two little ones (one of whom wants to eat and be held all the time) I'm not much help.

And this is not a slap up some paint job. No, while we aren't changing things structurally, we are making HUGE changes.

When we bought the house, the kitchen had lovely dark paneling, dark wood cabinets, peeling linoleum floors, an odd layout, flourescent lights (like you see in a school) and an odd cow border featuring cows with tiny heads and huge rectangular bodies.

We aren't finished -- and won't totally be for a while --but our kitchen is already a lot different. Once we get the cabinet doors back up, the ceiling patched (oh yeah -- Bob's re-wiring, too!), and the pots and pans put away, then I'll post some mostly after pics.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judging from the pictures you posted the new style should be very
different. Post a pic when you get a chance. What does D.J. say about it?
Love- Grandpa Stew

12:37 AM  
Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

6:41 PM  

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