Monday, April 12, 2010

It's a Monday

It's a Monday, and I'm in a mood. Instead of venting, I thought I'd share cute pics.

"Take my picture with the clock!"

"Look at these cool hands! They are so neat!"

And... some shots of our almost sort of complete kitchen!

Little Elvis shows off our newly painted drawers with new handles.

And our new back display space. This was a bank of cabinets. We took off the doors, painted the outside of the cabinets light gray (to match all of the other cabinets) and I painted orange on the back panels for an accent color.

Bob re-wired and installed the cool new lights (which we bought several years ago). Bob got to pick out the border and I thnk he did a good job.

Why yes, the walls are a dark blue. When we do stuff, we like to do it big.

We plan on installing a new, extended countertop under this area to give us some island-type seating. We're thinking of painting the rest of the cabinets.

We've done more since I took those pictures, and discovered that I'm fairly talented at installing glass tiles!

Focusing on this has definitely picked up my mood some.

Hope you all have had much better Mondays!


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