Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More kitchen pics and green giveaway!

Here are some more pics of our kitchen.

We're trying to make it as user friendly for our family as possible. There's a knife magnet hanging on the wall, so little fingers can't reach them. We also got a curtain rod and S-hooks that I spray painted to match the cabinet pulls. I hung our prettier (and bigger) utensils.

On the other side, we hung up our potholders. We put another curtain rod on another wall to hold dish towels.
This is the glass tile backsplash we put up on the wall with the sink. I decided to hang our prettier coffee cups here to save space for all of our ugly travel mugs.

I still need to caulk around the top of the tile. I chose a gray mortar and am hoping that was a good decision. This is that Home Depot glass tile that they put in EVERY ad. I've seen it several places and they all have white mortar. Maybe I'll be more confident once we redo the countertops.

The green website that I write for is hosting an Earth Day giveaway -- a free, all natural, soy candle. Please visit and enter! You just have to comment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like the gray grout.It is both different and subdued.
Grandpa Stew

7:49 PM  
Blogger Donna, Champuru.net said...

I envy your kitchen! My kitchen is tiny (we live in a condo) and have zero wall space in there. It's all covered up by appliances and kitchen gadgetry. But if I was able to free up some wall space, I'd definitely do the knife magnets and curtain rods. What a GREAT idea!

7:31 PM  
Blogger JM said...

I love all the details in your kitchen! I have been trying to convince the husband that we need to do a tile backsplash in the kitchen for a while, I particularly love the glass tiles. It all looks great!

12:29 AM  
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