Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh, Baby Plum!

Baby Plum is 6 and 1/2 months old now, and it's high time for an update about our funny, demanding and very loud little boy.

He's a thumbsucker. He's been putting the thumb in or near his mouth for a long time now. We assumed it would be a constant thing as he got older. It's not always in his mouth, but it does find it's way there several times a day. Notice something else about this picture? He's taking his diaper off.
De-diapering is something that happens a lot. As you can kind of tell in this picture. He usually just undoes one tab. But somehow he managed to take the entire diaper off this afternoon.

Not only does Baby Plum like to de-diaper himself, he also loves diaper changes. He always has. When he first started giggling and cooing, it was during diaper changes.
He now has two teeth! I tried to take a picture, but it's much easier to feel them than it is to see them. He's nipped at me some, but seemed to get the message that it would not be allowed when I closed up shop.
We've been working on sitting up. He wasn't that into it at first, but he's starting to see the benefits of sitting up. Look at those little rolls! He's pushing 20 pounds at this point.

Here's a happy picture with Little Elvis. Sometimes the sight of his brother makes him bawl. Other times it makes him giggle. Little Elvis is ready for a playmate.

Some other fun tidbits:

Baby Plum makes Wookie sounds. At least I think it's Wookie. It's a mixture of a very high-pitched squeal with a purr. He's been a screecher for a while now as well. He does it when he's happy and when he's mad.

He's really enjoying solids now. He'll eat most things, but fruits are his favorites. He's been getting a lot of applesauce this week.

Baby Plum is also at the hugging stage. He'll grab onto your neck when you pick him up. I love hugging him, and getting a hug back.

So many stages are my "favorite" stages. The hugging stage is definitely one of them.


Blogger Donna "Champuru" said...

Such a darling! :) He looks so sweet with that smile and lovable disposition. You are blessed!

4:31 AM  
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