Friday, May 28, 2010

Call me "XY"

We don't call Little Elvis, Little Elvis. He has a real name... that we also don't use. We call him by his initials -- he's named after my dad and one of Bob's uncles. We didn't want confusion when my dad and Little Elvis were in the same room, so we decided to use his initials.

His name fits him, and some kids think his name is very cool (I promise a kid told me that once!) But Little Elvis is in a stage where he doesn't like much of anything.

On a daily basis I hear that he doesn't like: his new house, his bedroom, his curtains, his bed, his hair, his name, most types of food, using the potty, etc. Thought this whole unimpressed with the world stage would start in his teens? Guess we're extra lucky.

As for his name, he's gone one step further in his professed dislike, he's picked a new name for himself -- XY.

We were at my mother's the other afternoon and Little Elvis told me he didn't like his name. No big whoop, I hear this several times a day. I say, "Fine. What do you want me to call you?"

He thinks about it, and then says, "Call me XY."

I couldn't help but laugh. He's brought it up each day since, but when we say, "Hey, XY!" he just stares at us.

**I know the reader still isn't loading and our new camera battery has yet to come in. Not sure if the reader thing will EVER get fixed. But I know the battery is on it's way. My cute boys need their pictures taken.