Monday, May 03, 2010


I am not a techie expert. I know nothing when it comes to the bells and whistles and actions behind the curtain that make my blog update at it's own home.

Blogger took away that ability last week and stuck me with a terrible new web address. I am attempting to fix it. But that's like me saying that I'm going to go to Greece and talk with folks there in their own tongue... with my hands tied behind my back.

It's a mess. I am lost. Bob is way too busy to deal with my confusion over this. So... please bear with me. I do believe that at some point I will figure it out. Or that I will find a buddy who knows more than I do and can help me.

I have thoughts to share and pictures, but I'm not happy about this situation and not sure what I should be doing.

Stupid FTP, CNAME, IP stuff.


Blogger JM said...

This explains a lot! I was wondering why I wasn't see any updates from you. Hope you are figuring things out and that you guys didn't fall off the face of the blogosphere :)

12:35 AM  

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