Friday, May 14, 2010

Happiness is cheap ice cream and a firetruck

I'm really behind here. These pictures were taken at Baskin Robbins' 31 cent scoop night. Was that two weeks ago? Anyway, I'm very behind. We had a wunnerful time.

Little Elvis loves ice cream. Little Elvis loves fire trucks. Put those two things together, and it's easy to see why his grin was so big.
The firefighters were SO nice to us. He told them that he liked firetrucks and that he slept with one every night.
He crawled around the firetruck, and was invited to visit the new fire station when it opens. He points at the building whenever we drive by it, now.
Little Elvis has become quite the handful. Three has been harder than two in many ways. His outbursts are bigger, and the things that set him off catch me off guard.

While he can be more difficult, he is also a very funny, sweet, and extremely polite (at times) little boy. His laugh is big and infectious.

He tells me he has a girlfriend at pre-school. He's got great taste -- she's one of the cutest in the class. I'm not sure if the feelings are mutual. At Easter, I went with them for the egg hunt. Little Elvis was trying to follow her around and she kept bonking him on the head. Maybe he's worn her down? Last week, her mom did something with the class, and he told me that he met her mother. I'm sure that he turned on the charm.

Little Elvis has also gotten lots better on the music front. He not only allows me to sing, but demands that I make up songs about any- and everything. Last week he liked the "Mommy song."

(It's very simple - "It's the Mommy show! Go Mommy! Starring... Mommy! With Special Guest Star... Little Elvis!")

This week, he likes the Daddy and Baby Plum duet about sleep. Baby Plum is just like his brother in the sleep department, I'm afraid. While I snuggle with Little Elvis, Daddy attempts to get Baby Plum to sleep in his crib. I made up a song about this struggle and Little Elvis thinks it's great.

Little Elvis is also still a very big fan of PBS. His new favorite show comes on Saturday night -- Lawrence Welk. Wunnerful, wunnerful. He will tap dance for us when we talk about Lawrence Welk.

He's also got songs that he likes. He likes the bug song -- the Fireflies song that's always on the radio. (I do not like this song one bit. They had to be high on some sort of craziness to come up with that mess.) He also likes several 80s techno sounding songs. He thinks they sound like the Car song that we used in one of his music videos. Little Elvis also likes for us to try and sing "Pink Cadillac." (OK, so I just read about what this song means. Maybe I shouldn't be singing it to my 3-year-old...)

This afternoon, while driving home, "Domino" by Van Morrison was on the radio. He told me that he wanted to see that song on the radio again. I think we may have to download it for him. Daddy's a bit of a music snob, but I think he'll be ok with this request.

He's also become very picky about his clothes, but that will have to wait for later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved your comment about L.E. being very polite "when he wants to". Shows 2 parents on the right track and presenting the right image of personal interaction. The boys will stand out by using the manners they are learning from you two. Bob and David mostly "made us
proud" in public.
Grandpa Stew

5:49 PM  

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