Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Plop Stage

Baby Plum fought me on sitting up. He didn't want to do it, but we are finally at the plop stage -- the one where I can plop him down and not balance him or surround him with pillows.
This picture was taken before we officially hit the plop stage. I think his expression here is so cute.
And I like this one even better. Look at those cheeks! You can tell he wasn't thrilled with the prospect of sitting up.
Here he began de-diapering himself, rolled to his tummy, and then promptly fell asleep. He's a tummy/side sleeper.

Last weekend, he tried to pull his knees under for a bit. He also started pitching forward to reach things -- this resulted in big thumps and tears. He's trying to find a different way to reach things.

Little Elvis started rolling around the floor to get at things, and then turned to army crawling. He was army crawling around 7-8 months. Baby Plum is on a different track. He seems more interested in chattering, where his brother was more interested in movement.

I'm happy to be in the Plop stage, and am LOVING his chatter.