Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We are winners!

We (ok, this time it was all me) are winners! Again!

Last year, we won a $6,000 Wal-Mart gift card for taking the time to shoot and submit a YouTube video about ways to save money. LOTS of people entered. I have no idea how my silly little tip rose to the top, but I'm so thrilled that it did.

That's not the only thing we've won recently. Just by entering a few contests, we've won:
-- a cute cloth diaper
-- a Jenny Lind cradle
-- a new car seat
-- and most recently a night of dinner and dancing!!

Our local television station did a promotion with Dancing with the Stars. The prize is a meal at the nicest (most expensive) restaurant in town and dancing lessons!

Eating out for us is hotdogs at Sam's, freebies at Chickfila, and the cheapest Value Meal at McDonald's. And we always have our two little ones with us.

My parents have agreed to keep the littles. And I get to dress up! Eat fancy food that's not wrapped in paper! And dance with my debonair husband!

Man, do I love contests.

**Bob has my website back up, but posts still aren't loading into my reader. Hopefully that will start working soon. And hopefully the new battery for our camera will arrive quickly so I can go back to taking lots of pictures of our incredibly cute boys.