Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No characters for Little Elvis

Shortly before Little Elvis was even a twinkle in our eyes, I had a discussion with a co-worker on kids' styles. I told her I would be the type of mother who let her child wear just about whatever. If she wanted to wear a cape and butterfly wings everyday, that was fine with me. She did not agree. Her kids would wear matching outfits.

When we found out that Little Elvis would be a boy, I figured that was that. He wouldn't care about his clothes. I would dress him however I liked without any intervention.

That worked until he was about 2 1/2. That's when he began to take notice of his clothes. At the time there was a small list of things he wouldn't wear. As he's gotten older, the list of bad (or dirty) clothes has gotten longer.

It includes anything with a cartoon picture on it. Disney gear? Forget about it. Cars stuff? No way! A boy doing a karate kick? Little Elvis will drop kick that t-shirt!

He prefers "plain" shirts with "nothing on them," except for pockets. But will accept plaid and striped shirts. Collars don't bother him, and he seems to really like golf shirts. We've determined that he wants to dress like Daddy.

Words on his shirts are acceptable, and some pictures are ok -- surfboards, firetrucks and Speedracer have been worn of late, but the Speedracer one passed only because it's orange.

Most days my little boy looks quite preppy, and I think my co-worker would be proud.

But we went to visit the new firehouse in our hometown yesterday, and this is what he wore:
a construction worker helmet, a t-shirt with firetrucks on it that is really too small, his fireman raincoat and rain boots. His fireman hat is at Gram's, so he said we'd call his construction helmet a fireman hat. This is more like the outfits I imagined my child wearing.

His clothing issues don't stop with shirts. He's also taken aim at his undies. For Christmas, he got a pack of Pixar/Disney undies. He hates them. They have cartoons on them. Last night we put him in a pair before bed, despite the fuss. When I went in to check on him that evening, he was naked.

Which, honestly, is what he prefers the most. If I would let him be naked all of the time, he would be the happiest little boy. Then he wouldn't have to deal with any cartoons or characters.

Monday, June 28, 2010

There's a unicorn in my bathtub!

Life with a three-year-old is interesting. Little Elvis certainly keeps us on our toes. He is the sweetest, yet most beligerant little boy at times.

Here is he is driving his yellow car. I saw this project in a magazine and Bob made the car a few months ago. Little Elvis had no interest in it then, but started to show some recently. So, we painted it yellow. By we, I mean me. He does not do hard labor.

The boys have been bathing together for a while now. We started once Baby Plum was good at sitting on his own. While they enjoy baths, they both LOVE taking baths in my parents' big bathtub. Little Elvis has been known to spend an hour and a half in there at times.
I always give Little Elvis a horn when I'm doing the hair washing. He has no idea what a unicorn is, but goes along with my silly little game.

Three seems to be getting harder and harder. I guess he's testing his limits, and it's draining on all of us. Little Elvis gears up for a fight over anything and everything. These battles can get loud. Bob and I were talking about how exhausted we've been this week, and I wonder if these battles are a part of it.

Still, he is and can be the absolute sweetest boy when he wants to be. He hugs and kisses all over us, even Baby Plum. He will randomly compliment us and busts out with, "I wuv you" a lot.

We wuv him, too.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweet Baby Plum

It's been a busy week for one little Baby Plum. And also a pretty cute one. As he gains mobility, he discovers the joys of getting into everything. I think he's plotting a way to get his chubby little fingers on the camera in this picture.
Here he's entertaining Granny, my dad's mother. She adores all her great-grandbabies, but she sees so much of my father in Baby Plum. There's a special connection there.
Baby Plum's first "real" swimming lesson. My parents gave me grief for this because he doesn't have his floaties on. Poor Little Elvis was outfitted to the hilt for his first summer of swimming. Second child Baby Plum only had me holding him, but he kicked really well!
He's chilling in his floating hippo. He loves to splash and be splashed. Especially when Little Elvis is the splasher.
My bald baby doesn't understand the importance of keeping a hat on that sweet little head. This is one of the bigger differences between the brothers. Little Elvis is really good about wearing hats, while Baby Plum has yanked them off for months. Those are sunglasses around his neck. I figured he wouldn't keep them on, but thought they might trick him into wearing the hat a beat longer.
Sorry for the grainy quality. I didn't have the camera on action setting. Baby Plum is ecstatic in this picture. He LOVES jumping in his exersaucer. This move reminds me so much of Little Elvis at this age. I would (and should) shoot video, but I can't find the camcorder charger. He is pure joy at this moment.
And he is pure joy for us.
Baby Plum loves food. He loves to eat and we haven't found anything he won't eat.
He's a hugger and cuddler. He wraps his arms around necks when being carried. All the sweet chubbiness makes him super-cuddly.
He also loves glasses, necklaces, watches, cameras, cell phones, Matchbox cars, basically anything small and shiny.
He can shake his head, and thinks it's funny when he does.
This evening I was swaying with him before bed and he started giggling. I have no idea what tickled his funnybone, but it was sweet.
Baby Plum also likes pulling Little Elvis' hair. He reaches for his brother and does his best to grab a fistful of curls.
And, he still loves his left thumb. The right one isn't as tasty.
There's not much he doesn't like. He doesn't like waiting to eat. He's very impatient when it comes to his food. And along with having my eyes, he also inherited my "evil-eye stare" and he uses it on me when I take too long to feed him. My parents find this humorous.
He's also not fond of sleep, but that's to be expected. No, he's not sleeping through the night. (Although they haven't said anything, I'm fairly certain my parents find this humorous as well.)
Last week he didn't like it when I left the room, especially if Little Elvis was still in the room with him.
This sweet little boy is almost 9 months old. The time really is flying by. Pretty soon Baby Plum will be into everything. He started scooting backwards on his tummy today. He got into his Daddy's banjo, Little Elvis' shoes and Mommy's camera cord in a matter of seconds. And he had a blast doing it.
Now if I can only find the camcorder charger....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Little Elvis has charm

Little Elvis is sick. This is a picture of him sleeping in the top bunk last week. I can't go in now and risk waking him. He's got his Mater garbage can by his head, just in case he needs it. I think he got it from Baby Plum, who was a very unhappy baby on Monday.

Other than feeling under the weather, Little Elvis has been doing pretty well. His vocabulary, speech and sentences amaze us. His imagination and memory are crazy-impressive (at least to his very biased parents...)

Our biggest issue of late has been his lack of DIY-ness. Why should he put on his shoes when Mommy can? He doesn't say, "I do it myself." No, he says, "Mommy do it." But just this week, that's gotten a little better.

Here he is building a truck with his drill. It's a cool toy that he likes to play with, if Mommy or Daddy do the dirty work. It's a running joke in our family that Little Elvis will be a manager or contractor, because he likes to watch people build and then tear down the creations and demand another one.
He's been a very funny little boy of late. Little Elvis loves Baby Plum, but every once in a while, he gets jealous.

We were at Wal-Mart the other day. Baby Plum was sitting in the cart and Little Elvis was inspecting tomato cans. Two elderly ladies came up to us, because babies are a magnet for elderly ladies. They went on and on about how great Baby Plum was, and finally Little Elvis got tired of it. He went up to the lady closest to the cart and tugged on her arm and said, "I'm here, too." (Or something like it.)

On the last day of vacation Bible school, I picked up Little Elvis first. I usually picked up Baby Plum first, but knew he was napping. Little Elvis ran into the nursery full of energy and talked to all of the ladies in there, then he realized that Baby Plum was sleeping and started crying. He wanted to play with his brother right then.

Also last week while I was fixing lunch, Little Elvis and Baby Plum sat in the play room. I walked in on this conversation. "You have pretty eyes. They are brown. They are green. They are greeny-brown." I could tell Baby Plum was flattered.

This weekend, we went shopping at Sears. Little Elvis and I were holding hands walking around and he spotted the tire display. He looked up at me and said, "I love you, Mommy. You're so pretty." Of course we went to look at the tires.

He seems to have picked up the charm pretty early.

Monday, June 14, 2010

He pulls, he stands!

Baby Plum pulled himself to a stand this morning, without any help! Little Elvis decided to show how he could pull to a stand for the picture as well.
He's been trying to pull up for about a week. But he only wants to pull up on me and my shirts, which don't offer much support.
Last week I tried to show him the benefits of using a soft ottoman.
I then realized why he wanted to pull up on me.

It looks like Baby Plum might skip the crawling stage altogether, which is sad. Crawling is such a cute stage.

Little Elvis had been army crawling for about a month at this point and was on the verge of real crawling. But he was a few weeks out from pulling to a stand.

Baby Plum has no interest in crawling. I put him on his tummy and he fusses and kicks and fusses until someone gives in and sits him up. He likes to spin in a circle and scoot while seated. He's not super-mobile that way, but he still manages to get those sweet little hands on lots of things he shouldn't.

As I type this, he's jumping up and down in his exersaucer. We're about to be in for a world of fun!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Busy boys

Since we have two beautiful boys, I like to dress them sort of alike. Little Elvis has no problems with this... if I don't dress him in anything with pictures. So, this evening they both wore blue and yellow stripes.
Once we finished posing for the pictures, we headed to my aunt and uncle's pool. It was Baby Plum's first time in a pool. He didn't like his superman floaty suit very much.
But once we took him out of that, he was much happier.
All of the fun kicking and splashing wore him out.
This was Little Elvis' first time in a pool this year. I worried that he'd be scared of the water, but he wasn't. He walked right in and kicked around to the deep end. He won't jump off the sides or the diving board, yet. I think he will, though.
He doesn't like it when I try to get him to lay in the water, instead preferring to "walk-swim" around the pool.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Family resemblance

Baby Plum looks like his Mommy. It's something I hear a lot. I never heard that about Little Elvis, and it's surprising since we think our boys look a lot alike. I think it's the eyes.

Baby Plum's eyes are very similar to mine, though they get darker every day. We think he'll end up with Bob's dark brown eyes eventually.

Baby Plum around 7 months.
Me around 7 months.

Baby Plum at 8 months. (He is the happiest little baby, but I have a devil of a time catching his smiles and giggles with the camera. I think it's the red dot before the flash. )
My father and his brother around 6 or 7 months. I'm pretty sure that my dad is the one on the left. Baby Plum often does the big eye, open mouth look. But, again, I can't ever catch it with the camera.

Baby Plum still has no interest in crawling. He likes to spin on his bottom when I sit him down, and although he isn't crawling, he still manages to get his little hands on everything. Maybe he's scooting and I'm just not realizing it.

He loves his exersaucer and enjoys his doorway jumper more everyday. He also likes to play with spinny things.

Everything goes into his mouth, and he thinks the word "no" is hilarious. He likes to grab for things and then laugh while I say, "No, no."

Baby Plum started shaking his head this weekend. It makes him so happy when he does it. Especially if we say, "No, no."

He's also started to get really tickled while riding in the car. I don't know what he's seeing, but it's hilarious.

And this child LOVES to eat. I'm helping with Vacation Bible School this week. I put a 2-pack of Gerber food in his diaper bag, along with some Cheerios. After about 1 1/2 hours they came to get me. They had fed him both things of food and he wanted more. This is after eating a whole mashed banana for breakfast. He had calmed down by the time I got there and was almost asleep.

The ladies in the nursery kept telling me how sweet and great he was. I think his hunger cries had them a little worried. He's very mild-mannered and happy until he gets hungry. Then, be prepared for some pitiful wails.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Little Elviston

Little Elvis still loves cars, but he's recently been into building things. He's not so much into the dirty-work, though. At this point, he seems destined for managerial work. He will tell us what to build and how to build it, and then destroy what we've built and demand another.

I've stopped with this little game, and discovered that when left to his own devices, Little Elvis can construct some interesting things.

He designed this little city while I was feeding Baby Plum the other day. No skyrises, but an interesting layout. I'm calling it Little Elviston.

He just meant for it to be a parking lot, though. The legos and egg parts are representing different trains and cars.

He tells me he wants to be an astronaut, but I'm thinking that landscape architecture might be his calling... at least for this week.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

We have pictures!

The camera battery arrived, so let's play catch-up!
Baby Plum is a good bit different from his older brother, but they share this little trait -- both love sucking on the bottoms of icy cups as infants.
Little Elvis and Daddy (mainly Daddy) made this cool car at Lowe's over the weekend. Baby Plum sat happily in the room while lots of hammers tap-tapped. He's ok with loud noises I guess. Good news, since we can be a fairly loud family.
Little Elvis enjoying a peach milkshake at Chick-fil-A.
"Where's my milkshake? I want a sip, too!" Ummm. Mommy's not really bringing any boys to the yard, so I can see why he's not thrilled with his "milkshake."
"I won't wear hats, so Mommy sticks this block on my head." Isn't he cute, though?
He won't wear hats, but I did get him to wear sunglasses... for about 30 seconds.
Doesn't he look like a happy little boy? Why would he be so happy to be in bed?
Because he got a new bed last week! His toddler bed (the bane of Little Elvis' existence) was getting too small. I saw a bed similar to this at a flea market a couple of years ago and liked it (the steps are also dresser drawers.) When we saw this one on craigslist, we couldn't pass it up. Little Elvis LOVES it. And he can't wait to share it with his brother in a couple of years... at least he says that. We'll see what he really thinks about that idea when it's actually time to share.