Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Busy boys

Since we have two beautiful boys, I like to dress them sort of alike. Little Elvis has no problems with this... if I don't dress him in anything with pictures. So, this evening they both wore blue and yellow stripes.
Once we finished posing for the pictures, we headed to my aunt and uncle's pool. It was Baby Plum's first time in a pool. He didn't like his superman floaty suit very much.
But once we took him out of that, he was much happier.
All of the fun kicking and splashing wore him out.
This was Little Elvis' first time in a pool this year. I worried that he'd be scared of the water, but he wasn't. He walked right in and kicked around to the deep end. He won't jump off the sides or the diving board, yet. I think he will, though.
He doesn't like it when I try to get him to lay in the water, instead preferring to "walk-swim" around the pool.


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