Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Little Elvis has charm

Little Elvis is sick. This is a picture of him sleeping in the top bunk last week. I can't go in now and risk waking him. He's got his Mater garbage can by his head, just in case he needs it. I think he got it from Baby Plum, who was a very unhappy baby on Monday.

Other than feeling under the weather, Little Elvis has been doing pretty well. His vocabulary, speech and sentences amaze us. His imagination and memory are crazy-impressive (at least to his very biased parents...)

Our biggest issue of late has been his lack of DIY-ness. Why should he put on his shoes when Mommy can? He doesn't say, "I do it myself." No, he says, "Mommy do it." But just this week, that's gotten a little better.

Here he is building a truck with his drill. It's a cool toy that he likes to play with, if Mommy or Daddy do the dirty work. It's a running joke in our family that Little Elvis will be a manager or contractor, because he likes to watch people build and then tear down the creations and demand another one.
He's been a very funny little boy of late. Little Elvis loves Baby Plum, but every once in a while, he gets jealous.

We were at Wal-Mart the other day. Baby Plum was sitting in the cart and Little Elvis was inspecting tomato cans. Two elderly ladies came up to us, because babies are a magnet for elderly ladies. They went on and on about how great Baby Plum was, and finally Little Elvis got tired of it. He went up to the lady closest to the cart and tugged on her arm and said, "I'm here, too." (Or something like it.)

On the last day of vacation Bible school, I picked up Little Elvis first. I usually picked up Baby Plum first, but knew he was napping. Little Elvis ran into the nursery full of energy and talked to all of the ladies in there, then he realized that Baby Plum was sleeping and started crying. He wanted to play with his brother right then.

Also last week while I was fixing lunch, Little Elvis and Baby Plum sat in the play room. I walked in on this conversation. "You have pretty eyes. They are brown. They are green. They are greeny-brown." I could tell Baby Plum was flattered.

This weekend, we went shopping at Sears. Little Elvis and I were holding hands walking around and he spotted the tire display. He looked up at me and said, "I love you, Mommy. You're so pretty." Of course we went to look at the tires.

He seems to have picked up the charm pretty early.


Blogger lisa said...

Is so funny how they do that isn't it? Sorry to hear he has the sickies. We just got of them too. Apparently the tummy pops at Walgreens are the best. The ones at CVS taste like salt. Yuck!

8:14 AM  
Blogger mpotter said...

sorry to hear Elvis is sick.
but great to hear that he's funny!

feel better soon. (all of you)

2:54 PM  

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