Thursday, June 03, 2010

Little Elviston

Little Elvis still loves cars, but he's recently been into building things. He's not so much into the dirty-work, though. At this point, he seems destined for managerial work. He will tell us what to build and how to build it, and then destroy what we've built and demand another.

I've stopped with this little game, and discovered that when left to his own devices, Little Elvis can construct some interesting things.

He designed this little city while I was feeding Baby Plum the other day. No skyrises, but an interesting layout. I'm calling it Little Elviston.

He just meant for it to be a parking lot, though. The legos and egg parts are representing different trains and cars.

He tells me he wants to be an astronaut, but I'm thinking that landscape architecture might be his calling... at least for this week.


Blogger lisa said...

Very cute! We need some legos!

10:27 AM  

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