Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No characters for Little Elvis

Shortly before Little Elvis was even a twinkle in our eyes, I had a discussion with a co-worker on kids' styles. I told her I would be the type of mother who let her child wear just about whatever. If she wanted to wear a cape and butterfly wings everyday, that was fine with me. She did not agree. Her kids would wear matching outfits.

When we found out that Little Elvis would be a boy, I figured that was that. He wouldn't care about his clothes. I would dress him however I liked without any intervention.

That worked until he was about 2 1/2. That's when he began to take notice of his clothes. At the time there was a small list of things he wouldn't wear. As he's gotten older, the list of bad (or dirty) clothes has gotten longer.

It includes anything with a cartoon picture on it. Disney gear? Forget about it. Cars stuff? No way! A boy doing a karate kick? Little Elvis will drop kick that t-shirt!

He prefers "plain" shirts with "nothing on them," except for pockets. But will accept plaid and striped shirts. Collars don't bother him, and he seems to really like golf shirts. We've determined that he wants to dress like Daddy.

Words on his shirts are acceptable, and some pictures are ok -- surfboards, firetrucks and Speedracer have been worn of late, but the Speedracer one passed only because it's orange.

Most days my little boy looks quite preppy, and I think my co-worker would be proud.

But we went to visit the new firehouse in our hometown yesterday, and this is what he wore:
a construction worker helmet, a t-shirt with firetrucks on it that is really too small, his fireman raincoat and rain boots. His fireman hat is at Gram's, so he said we'd call his construction helmet a fireman hat. This is more like the outfits I imagined my child wearing.

His clothing issues don't stop with shirts. He's also taken aim at his undies. For Christmas, he got a pack of Pixar/Disney undies. He hates them. They have cartoons on them. Last night we put him in a pair before bed, despite the fuss. When I went in to check on him that evening, he was naked.

Which, honestly, is what he prefers the most. If I would let him be naked all of the time, he would be the happiest little boy. Then he wouldn't have to deal with any cartoons or characters.