Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweet Baby Plum

It's been a busy week for one little Baby Plum. And also a pretty cute one. As he gains mobility, he discovers the joys of getting into everything. I think he's plotting a way to get his chubby little fingers on the camera in this picture.
Here he's entertaining Granny, my dad's mother. She adores all her great-grandbabies, but she sees so much of my father in Baby Plum. There's a special connection there.
Baby Plum's first "real" swimming lesson. My parents gave me grief for this because he doesn't have his floaties on. Poor Little Elvis was outfitted to the hilt for his first summer of swimming. Second child Baby Plum only had me holding him, but he kicked really well!
He's chilling in his floating hippo. He loves to splash and be splashed. Especially when Little Elvis is the splasher.
My bald baby doesn't understand the importance of keeping a hat on that sweet little head. This is one of the bigger differences between the brothers. Little Elvis is really good about wearing hats, while Baby Plum has yanked them off for months. Those are sunglasses around his neck. I figured he wouldn't keep them on, but thought they might trick him into wearing the hat a beat longer.
Sorry for the grainy quality. I didn't have the camera on action setting. Baby Plum is ecstatic in this picture. He LOVES jumping in his exersaucer. This move reminds me so much of Little Elvis at this age. I would (and should) shoot video, but I can't find the camcorder charger. He is pure joy at this moment.
And he is pure joy for us.
Baby Plum loves food. He loves to eat and we haven't found anything he won't eat.
He's a hugger and cuddler. He wraps his arms around necks when being carried. All the sweet chubbiness makes him super-cuddly.
He also loves glasses, necklaces, watches, cameras, cell phones, Matchbox cars, basically anything small and shiny.
He can shake his head, and thinks it's funny when he does.
This evening I was swaying with him before bed and he started giggling. I have no idea what tickled his funnybone, but it was sweet.
Baby Plum also likes pulling Little Elvis' hair. He reaches for his brother and does his best to grab a fistful of curls.
And, he still loves his left thumb. The right one isn't as tasty.
There's not much he doesn't like. He doesn't like waiting to eat. He's very impatient when it comes to his food. And along with having my eyes, he also inherited my "evil-eye stare" and he uses it on me when I take too long to feed him. My parents find this humorous.
He's also not fond of sleep, but that's to be expected. No, he's not sleeping through the night. (Although they haven't said anything, I'm fairly certain my parents find this humorous as well.)
Last week he didn't like it when I left the room, especially if Little Elvis was still in the room with him.
This sweet little boy is almost 9 months old. The time really is flying by. Pretty soon Baby Plum will be into everything. He started scooting backwards on his tummy today. He got into his Daddy's banjo, Little Elvis' shoes and Mommy's camera cord in a matter of seconds. And he had a blast doing it.
Now if I can only find the camcorder charger....


Blogger mpotter said...

what a fun post to read!
baby chubbiness is awesome! and it melts off so quickly...

have fun w/ this new stage.
and i guess you'd better hang on to everything!

1:05 PM  
Blogger JM said...

Ha, our little brother hates wearing hats too. Even the ones with chin straps get pulled off too quickly. It figures my fair skinned child would be hat averse. Baby Plum is cute as ever, I can't believe he is already going to be nine months!

2:42 AM  
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