Tuesday, June 01, 2010

We have pictures!

The camera battery arrived, so let's play catch-up!
Baby Plum is a good bit different from his older brother, but they share this little trait -- both love sucking on the bottoms of icy cups as infants.
Little Elvis and Daddy (mainly Daddy) made this cool car at Lowe's over the weekend. Baby Plum sat happily in the room while lots of hammers tap-tapped. He's ok with loud noises I guess. Good news, since we can be a fairly loud family.
Little Elvis enjoying a peach milkshake at Chick-fil-A.
"Where's my milkshake? I want a sip, too!" Ummm. Mommy's not really bringing any boys to the yard, so I can see why he's not thrilled with his "milkshake."
"I won't wear hats, so Mommy sticks this block on my head." Isn't he cute, though?
He won't wear hats, but I did get him to wear sunglasses... for about 30 seconds.
Doesn't he look like a happy little boy? Why would he be so happy to be in bed?
Because he got a new bed last week! His toddler bed (the bane of Little Elvis' existence) was getting too small. I saw a bed similar to this at a flea market a couple of years ago and liked it (the steps are also dresser drawers.) When we saw this one on craigslist, we couldn't pass it up. Little Elvis LOVES it. And he can't wait to share it with his brother in a couple of years... at least he says that. We'll see what he really thinks about that idea when it's actually time to share.