Friday, July 30, 2010

Moving violation

We are in such a fun stage with Baby Plum. He's kind of crawling (both hands, one knee and one foot), pulling to a stand on everything and cruising. And chattering the whole time. He makes a motor sound while crawling -- kind of an extended raspberry.

See the bruise on his cheek? He had his first major fall earlier this week. He pulled to a stand on our coffee table. It has drawers and he either pulled it out after he pulled up and lost his balance, or pulled to a stand while pulling the drawer out. Somehow he fell and hit his sweet, squishy cheek on the corner of the drawer. I had forgotten how painful this movement process is.

But, thanks to lots of hugs and kisses, the tears stopped and he was ready for more fun. He likes the "slip, slip slide" almost as much as his brother. Another thing they have in common? In this shot, he's going for the velcro on his diaper. He likes to go au naturel just as much as Little Elvis. (Since those diapers soak up SO much water, he did go nude the next time.)

Baby Plum is funny and so smart. Now that he's getting more into movement on all fours, he's taken to putting toys or his sippy in his mouth while he crawls.
Speaking of the sippy, he loves the sippy! See the amazement in that expression?
Showing me how fast he can drink from his sippy...

Ahh. This is just like my expression after my first sip of Coke. (2 parts water, 1 part apple juice is GOOD!)
"Step off big brother! Can't you see I'm drinking my juice?"

Thursday, July 29, 2010

We're having a party!

We had a party this weekend. Since we've been working so hard on our house, we called it a housewarming party. We invited family, friends and neighbors. The turnout was great. We've never had that many people in our house at one time.

I was worried about how the boys would handle having this many people at the house. Little Elvis was beyond thrilled. BEYOND. All week he talked about how all his friends were coming to our house for a party. The day of the party, he ran all over the house yelling, "We're having a party!"

Baby Plum was pretty fussy at first, but calmed down once we brought out the watermelon.

After eating, he continued fussing. I finally brought him into the playroom with all the kids and let him sit in the midst of the chaos. That did the trick. He wanted to play with all his friends, too.

There was a cute little song that Bob learned. He performed it at the party. Knowing Little Elvis' past experience with songs at parties, especially those his performed by his Daddy, we were worried. But we shouldn't have been. Little Elvis LOVED it! He even played his "flute" (recorder) while Daddy played.

We were so, so proud of him!

I know I promised lots of Baby Plum love. I have LOTS of pictures on the camera and plan to load them onto the computer this evening.

He is having the best time with his mobility. He loves to search for cords, brick fireplaces, and Matchbox cars. He also is determined to crawl under tables and then sit up. Learning to get around is so tough on the noggin.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

He's three. He's just three.

This is my sweet Little Elvis. One of the great loves of my life. I so love this little boy, and for the past few weeks I have done nothing but feel like a failure when it comes to him.

Three is so hard, and I'm at a loss sometimes -- most of the time. Maybe all of the time.

We spent a good bit of yesterday crying, yelling and fighting. I spent most of the night fretting and crying.

He is a good boy. He really is. Maybe my expectations are too high? I believe a big source of our issues come from the teacher/parent conference I had last February. They put this little seed in my mind that something was wrong. I was given a book this summer to read about the "Out of Sync Child." He doesn't exhibit any of the real issues the book details, but then he is a picky eater (aren't most kids?) and he doesn't like it when we tell him it's time to clean up his toys (again, do any kids like to do that?) Some of the issues seem like typical kid things, but I've had this constant whisper in my head that gets louder whenever he acts up.

I don't think he's got the issues outlined in the book, though I do believe he used to have some sort of sensory issue with loud music and applause. He seems to be over that for the most part, and loved the fireworks on the fourth of July.

Yesterday was awful, and I don't want to ever have another day like that. I think I'm going to stop reading the book. It's driving me bonkers thinking that something is wrong with him and it's all my fault.

I think he's three. He's just three. He may be dramatic, but if so, he came by it naturally.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweet baby

Sweet Baby Plum is almost 10 months old! It's amazing how much faster the time flies with two kids. It went fast with Baby Little Elvis, but it's super-fast with Baby Plum.
This will be a common picture now. Baby Plum is on the move and just has time to glance over his shoulder and make sure I'm there. He likes keeping one of us in his sights.
I love this picture. He's got things to explore and he's very happy about it. We don't think he'll crawl for long. He's been cruising some, and doesn't always remember that he has to hold on.

Some sweet facts about our sweet Baby Plum:
--He likes when I sing. (Little Elvis doesn't, but Baby Plum breaks out a big grin whenever I sing one of "his" songs.)
--He thinks Little Elvis is hilarious. Little Elvis doesn't have to do anything to get belly laughs out of Baby Plum.
--He loves to eat, and is getting the hang of finger foods. He likes blueberries and green beans and any sort of bread.
--He's chatty. He talks a lot, and he squeals a good bit, too. It still doesn't bother Little Elvis, but I cringe when Baby Plum hits the high notes.
--He's sleeping through the night! Little Elvis didn't really do this until he was a year old. Baby Plum has been sleeping until 5 or 6 for about 2 weeks now. It's nice.
--He loves cords. And thinks it's funny when we say, "No, no." I often hear that the second child gets into more than the first. So, leaving him alone in a room is not a good idea.
--He's just as determined as his older brother, and seems to have as good of a memory.

Baby Plum doesn't like letting us out of his sight. He's usually ok with my parents holding him, but they're the only ones he willingly goes to.
He also doesn't like waiting for meals.

He is a super-sweet bundle of love, and we are so glad to have him in our family.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby you can drive my car...

Sometimes Little Elvis will share his toys with Baby Plum.

He came running to me the other day, saying, "I put my car on Baby Plum's head!" Thankfully, this was the car he was talking about.

Once Baby Plum had his fill of the car, Little Elvis strapped himself in and scooted off.

(Look at that mess! Every day it looks like a tornado worked it's way through the playroom, the living room and both of their bedrooms.)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some projects finished

We've started and stalled on some projects. Mainly due to time. It's been a busy summer, and it's just busy with two littles.

But, we've managed to finish three big projects at the beginning of the month!

First, we glass tiled our fireplace. It was brown painted brick before, and just kind of blah. We hadn't finished wiping the grout dust off in this picture. The glass tiles are kind of bronze and glimmery. The ceramic tiles are a bronzey-red. Bob did most of this. I was not much help, though I did try.
Project #2 (I did this one all by myself!)
This is a 58-year-old pew that my grandparents gave me. It was a light wood with a clear gloss on it. It's 8 feet long. I sanded, and sanded, and sanded that sucker. Stained it. Re-sanded and re-stained, and finally was able to put several coats of polyurethane on it. It's gleaming and looks great under our big picture window. It's been a long time since I've refinished anything and I'd forgotten the time commitment. It was worth it. Now, it looks even nicer, thanks to throw pillows I got for my birthday from my parents and grandparents.
Project #3 - Kitchen's pretty much done. I need more pictures. Our kitchen is very close to complete. Bob extended the back countertop to make it an island. He also tiled it. I can't find the pictures. He also painted all our other countertops. They were in good condition, we just didn't like the color. We found some countertop paint and we're really happy with the result. It's modern and IKEA-esque, which is our current style.

So, that's an update on three projects. This week we're having a housewarming party/HouseParty party to celebrate. I signed up for House Party and we were selected to host a Kleenex party. Pretty cool. I know our style aesthetic is more funky than most, but we're still excited to show off all of our hard work!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy boys

I'm way behind on posting here. The boys are busy and constantly cute.

Baby Plum is fully mobile now. He's invented his own style of crawling, kind of hand-hand-knee-foot-knee-hand. He's deceptive with it, because he doesn't appear fast. He is. And he wants to get into EVERYTHING. And everything that he gets his little hands on goes straight into the little mouth. (As soon as I get my act together, he will have a music video.)
He doesn't look happy here. Most likely because he wants out of the stroller. Or he wants his hat off. I don't remember exactly, but I'm sure the hat wasn't on for long.

Little Elvis showing off Buckle Daddy 4. I let him have our couch for most of a week and then relocated the cars to his room. His royal highness was not happy with me for messing up Buckle Daddy 4, aka the Traffic Jam.
See how cute I am? How cuddly? I'm not as into hugs these days as I have so many fun things to get into. My brother likes that I'm better at playing with him, but gets mad when I "spit" on "his" toys. Silly boy.
Little Elvis posing with a cool green frog outside the pediatrician's office. He wanted to go along with us to Baby Plum's 9 month visit. He told me he was sick that morning. But when I mentioned shots, he was suddenly better. Why did he want to go? Our pediatrician's office gives out suckers at the end of the visits. Suckers. As does my allergist and Little Elvis' speech therapist. This frustrates me to no end. Little Elvis has a terrible diet, and it doesn't help that doctors in the area pass out dumdums. At least the dentist didn't give him one.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

First trip to the ER

Monday morning was not a good one for sweet Little Elvis. He and Bob were moving some bricks around our yard, and he stumbled into a yellow jacket nest.

Bob brought him in screaming and everytime we tried to put Sting-Stop on one bite, he'd start screaming louder and we'd find another yellow jacket embedded in his clothes. We think he ended up with about 10 stings on his face, arms, and tummy.

While we were trying to strip him down, I got stung by one. I'm an adult and it was just one sting, but it hurt so much. I can only imagine how much Little Elvis was hurting. Not to mention how scared he was. He's never been stung by anything before.

They were super-nice at the ER, and our wait wasn't that bad. We had to talk to several different handlers, and each time we recounted the story, Little Elvis started crying again.

He was still able to go to Vacation Bible School that evening, though he was a bit lethargic. We were surprised that he never experienced any swelling. Two spots on his arm itched the next day, but that was it.

We kind of figured we'd be fixtures at the ER by this point, but our fearless toddler has become a more cautious pre-schooler. I'm hoping we don't have to go back again, but with two boys I'm sure we will.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cow Appreciation Day 2010

Miles traveled: 942

Hours spent driving: 14

Time spent making costume: 30 minutes

Cost of travel and costume: $500

Spending Cow Appreciation Day with your grandsons: priceless

Having a son and daughter-in-law who dropped the ball on taking pics: aggravating

Grandpa Stew came for a visit this weekend, so he could go to ChickfilA's Cow Appreciation Day with us. He had the best costume in the entire restaurant, and his moo was impressive, too.

Baby Plum slept through the experience, so we didn't get to put his spots and ears on. Little Elvis was a beachy-cow, and we somehow managed to not get a picture of Grandpa Stew and Little Elvis in their cow costumes together.

We all had a blast, though.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Watermelon fun!

Our new town has a fun children's farmers' market every Thursday. We went last week and had a blast.
Little Elvis modeling his first-ever face painting. He was so proud of his watermelon.

I believe it helped him enjoy his piece of watermelon even more. There was a seed spitting contest, and Little Elvis stood in line. As soon as the kid in front of him went, he stepped up and spit his seed straight down. He didn't win, but it was cute.
Don't worry. Baby Plum got to enjoy the watermelon as well. Notice the spots on his head? The mosquitoes really went after my poor baby's head. He's just so sweet.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Ask a silly question...

I looked out our back door the other day and this is what I saw:

I asked Little Elvis what he was doing.

"I'm standing naked in a bucket of water," he said.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Boys on the move

Baby Plum taking a ride on a fire truck. He was much more interested in pressing the buttons and making noise than he was in going back and forth. He's seriously considering crawling -- he goes backwards-- but would much rather be on two feet than four.

Little Elvis helped Coachpa mow the lawn. It was super-hot and also naptime. We had to drag him off the tractor kicking and screaming.
Here, Little Elvis looks a lot like his Daddy. He's squinting with one eye just like Bob does. And the curls? They're kind of gone. I got a little scissor happy. In my defense, it's really hard to cut his hair. He won't be still. It will grow back and hopefully the blunt edges will look better soon.

I know the picture's dark, but everyone is looking at the camera. Coachpa spent the morning hanging out with us, even though he had lots of errands to run.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Don't stand so close to me!

Baby Plum during a meal of noodles (that he tried to feed himself) and carrots. It looks like he's wearing lipstick!

Don't mess with the Baby Plum! Actually, if you aren't Mommy, Daddy or Little Elvis, you might not want to get too close to him.

He's entered both the separation anxiety and stranger danger phase. It's most acute when he's tired.
We went to a 4th of July family gathering on Sunday afternoon. My aunts and grandmother wanted nothing more than to hold a baby. A baby who usually enjoys being held and cooed over.

But not that evening. Anytime someone sat too close to us -- or looked at him -- he cried.

My parents weren't there, but my dad's identical twin brother was. Baby Plum bawled everytime my uncle looked at him.

Hopefully this phase won't last long. When you're as cute and cuddly as he is, you have to share it.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Welcome to Buckle Daddy

Little Elvis still loves creating cities. This is one of his bigger creations. He named it Buckle Daddy. It's got sky scrapers, a gas station, traffic cone hotels, a building shaped like a cow and street signs. And plenty of parking.

(I was focusing the camera on the Mayor of Buckle Daddy, and ended up cutting out most of the city. Will have to work on my photography skills if I'm going to keep up with his towns.)

Monday, July 05, 2010

Just kickin' it with Baby Plum

We're starting to get glimpses of what life will two boys will be like. For the most part, Little Elvis and Baby Plum like each other.

Our camera has a bit of a delay. I was trying to catch a funny interaction. Little Elvis didn't want to share his car, but he did want to hold it very close to Baby Plum. Baby Plum wanted that car. He would reach for it, and bop Little Elvis on the head when Little Elvis pulled it away. Those bops aren't very hard... yet.

Last week, I was doing something in the kitchen while the boys played in the playroom. They were quiet. It's never a good sign.

I rushed in and asked Little Elvis what he was doing.

He replied, "Just kickin' it with Baby Plum."

I have no idea where he got that. None.